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Josh DeMeester, Co-Founder of Today’$ VAL™, Announces The Release of his Patent Pending Business Valuation Software

Josh DeMeester, Co-Founder of Today’$ VAL™, is pleased to announce the launch of his new Patent Pending Business Valuation Software.

DESTIN, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2020 / -- To learn more about the Today’$ VAL™ schedule a call here today.

Every career change Josh has ever had has been driven by a desire to help more people. In fact, that was exactly why he developed his new Patent Pending Business Valuation Software. While the outcome of the software is to provide a business value add to any financial team but the partnership with Josh is what clients will really be paying for.

Today’$ VAL™ is a cutting edge business valuation software that is dedicated to providing a uniquely personalized approach to generate a business valuation for the business owner. The team’s main aim is to create real and true partnerships with clients, by developing detailed and customized plans and executing them.

“Perhaps most importantly, Josh answers and is always accessible for his clients and cares about the value of the service he provides at every level. He is simply the best” – Diana Kish

What Josh is offering is truly unique. Not only because it’s a partnership but also because of Josh’s own experience in both digital marketing and tech automations. Josh started his career in real estate marking in Florida and progressed to become the IT and Marketing Director at Berkshire Hathaway. He eventually teamed up with a business certified appraiser and business consultant where he became the Co-Founder of the Patent Pending business valuation software Today’s VAL™.

For years, he has worked directly with business owners. Today’$ VAL™ software creates a benchmark or ballpark valuation estimate for business owners and professionals who advise business owner clients. The tools are easily calculated from information taken directly from the business financial statements and helps their clients make more qualified decisions on purchasing or selling a business, all at an extremely low cost!

His strong mastery of digital mastering, and his experience business automation, and his strong communication skills were clearly a winning combination.

One of his clients got 3 pre-approvals two days after he started running ads for her.

Work came to him organically and soon he was getting results such as this:

“I have sent five business clients to Josh utilizing Today’$ VAL™ software and two have decided it was a great time to sell!” – Greg G.

“I am so ecstatic right now, you have no idea how your service was the answer to my prayers! I really appreciate your work! I was drowning before this and needed direction, you definitely got my vote!” – Jamie M.

“What is amazing about Josh DeMeester is his team consulted on two of my clients to operate one to two more years before selling and provided them with the exit planning strategy to obtain the highest selling price.” – John D. Esq.

Josh believes that the real key to his success is his simple mantra of “value add service.” A concept that is often missed in business. He uses this mantra to guide his decisions in his desire to build a truly trusted brand.

Josh achieves success not only by partnering with the business professionals to generate leads but by focusing on client retention. He applies what he calls a “direct approach to business” which has a strong focus on consulting with their financial team of a business on the proper exit strategies to generate the most probable selling price and how Today’$ VAL™ software is invaluable to them.

Josh’s goal for his software is not only to help professionals grow their business but to provide a clear road map with an exit strategy.

About Josh DeMeester:

Josh DeMeester, CEO of Today’$ VAL™, has helped professionals grow their client base with his new value add services help their clients understand the value of their business. To learn more about the “Today’$ VAL™ Patent Pending Business Valuation Software” schedule a call here today:

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