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Miller Guns and Ammo Educates Customers about Gun Ownership and Safety

Miller Guns and Ammo, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Miller Guns and Ammo, Las Cruces, New Mexico

LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO, UNITED SATES, October 6, 2020 / -- Located in the heart of Las Cruces, New Mexico, Miller Guns and Ammo is a family operated establishment and is also one of the largest inventories of handguns and tactical rifles in the state of New Mexico.

With the sale of firearms on the rise, the importance of firearm education is essential.

Miller Guns and Ammo is staffed by military veterans who have experience and knowledge with all of the equipment that we have in stock. Our friendly staff will make sure that you leave our store educated, informed, and happy with your purchase and our service.

Three in ten American adults personally own a gun, and most of these gun owners believe the right to firearm ownership is vital to their own personal sense of security and freedom.

Responsible gun ownership involves intensive research about safety, maintenance, and taking gun classes to learn and practice behaviors that will help prevent injury.

Miller Guns and Ammo Shares 4 Ways To Become a More Responsible Gun Owner.

Handle All Guns Like They Are Loaded at All Times

A knowledgeable and responsible individual will inspect and show a gun to be clear before further handling. He takes the time to personally inspect a firearm to ensure it's not loaded before moving on.

Keep Your Barrel Down

Situational awareness is critical to gun safety. Always consider your environment and determine your safe direction before making contact with a gun. You are to always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction at all times whether you are loading, shooting, laying the gun down on the bench, showing clear, or transporting.

Keep Your Fingers Off the Trigger Until You Decide to Shoot

One vital skill for maintaining gun safety is the trigger finger discipline. Your safety finger is your trigger finger which must be kept straight and rest along the side of the frame of the firearm at all times until your sights are on your target and you have decided to shoot.

Keep Your Firearm Away from Unauthorized Persons at All Times

To ensure safety, store your guns in places that are inaccessible to unauthorized persons like children, guests, or criminals. You can purchase various Gun Storage Safes at Miller Guns and Ammo.

Firearm safety is very vital for every person that handles or owns a gun. At Miller Guns and Ammo, our experts are committed to assisting New Mexico gun owners, especially first-time owners to learn all they need to be safety conscious when handling a firearm.

Miller Guns and Ammo is the ONLY law enforcement dealer in southern New Mexico. We offer concealed carry classes for anyone who is looking to obtain their permit.

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