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The Development Partner Institute (DPI Mining) Welcomes Flow Partners as a Supporter

Joining DPI Mining as a Supporter, Flow Partners brings its rich experience in tackling complex challenges through innovation.

CHICAGO, USA, September 29, 2020 / -- The Development Partner Institute (DPI Mining) warmly welcomes Flow Partners as a Supporting company. Sharing a core belief in the power of collaboration, both organisations emphasise an inclusive, whole-of-value-chain approach in tackling complex problems through innovation.

“It is a privilege to welcome on board a progressive, agile company such as Flow Partners as a DPI Supporter,” said Executive Director Wendy Tyrrell. “Under Laura Mottola’s leadership, Flow Partners has achieved real clarity on how people, processes and technology can pull together to make a positive impact in the mining sector. This innovation mindset is a perfect fit with our work here at DPI Mining.”

“Flow Partners is delighted to support the pioneering work that DPI is undertaking,” said Laura Mottola, Flow Partners President and CEO. “We are passionate about transforming the global mining and metals industry through collaborative problem-solving, ideation, and implementation of innovative approaches. We are eager to join DPI’s responsible sourcing coalition and other work related to making mining an important contributor to and beneficiary of the circular economy.”

Together with Heather Gamble, CEO of Women On The Move, Laura Mottola is also co-founder of the Artemis Project, an organization established to accelerate business outcomes for female entrepreneurs in the mining and metals industry.

“Raising awareness and opportunities for collaboration between mining companies and female entrepreneurs helps drive innovation and diversity and increase return on investment for mining companies,” explained Heather Gamble. “We have learned a great deal through the Artemis Project and we are looking forward to bringing our insights and learnings to help enrich and accelerate DPI’s programs of work.”

The two organizations have already identified priority areas for collaboration. DPI’s Responsible Sourcing Coalition (‘RESCO’), which focuses on a whole-of-value-chain approach to sourcing, will benefit significantly from Flow Partners deep experience in the mining sector’s role in the circular economy. DPI’s program focusing on the SDGs and the mining sector in Australia will also be able to draw on lessons learned from the Artemis Project’s work on the SDGs in mining in the Canadian context.

About Flow Partners

Flow Partners is a Value Network of multidisciplinary professionals with extensive mining industry experience across commodities and geographies, open pit and underground, as well as greenfield projects and brownfield operations. We are a global company based in Montreal, Canada, and Santiago, Chile. Our approach is people-centric and focused on developing the internal capability of our client organizations to systemically identify and unlock improvement opportunities. Our Lean Mining® methodology addresses the ore-to-market production system and supporting functions, from the mining face to the customer. We leverage technology appropriately in order to enable a more productive total system, where business integration delivers sustainable performance.

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About the DPI

The Development Partner Institute (DPI Mining) exists to catalyze and accelerate the delivery of a new future for the mining sector. We imagine an industry deeply connected to the values of tomorrow’s generation; transparent and fair, equal and inclusive and a genuine partner in global development. We are an international coalition of ambitious leaders from right across the mining sector. Our coalition welcomes communities, companies, governments, suppliers, civil society and anyone else interested in or affected by mining. We are committed to maximizing the contribution of mining to economic and social development. We work together, collaboratively, with stakeholders from across the value chain to advocate for new ways of operating, sparking brave multi-stakeholder conversations on the sector’s toughest challenges, preparing and sharing knowledge and research and catalyzing pilots and demonstrations to deliver the mine of the future.

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