PayAccept’s PAYT - The Bridge Between Traditional Finance And The Fast Growing Defi.

The blockchain ecosystem is experiencing a new wave of financial management. As Decentralised finance (DeFi) gains popularity, blockchain platforms like PayAccept are rapidly providing incredible solutions

EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS, September 16, 2020 / -- The blockchain ecosystem is experiencing a new wave of financial management. As Decentralised finance (DeFi) gains popularity, blockchain platforms like PayAccept are rapidly providing incredible solutions.

Traditional Finance (TradFi) is slowly emerging into something more decentralized and digitally enhanced. With the advent and the use of blockchain technology, the Financial sector has seen the utmost disruption and modernization to a reasonable degree. Several blockchain-enabled platforms, PayAccept for instance, are poised to offer credible DeFi services to ensure their client's access to cryptocurrency and fiat management, crypto lending, card issuance and risk management opportunities.

PayAccept Has Wide Recognition and Many Partnerships:

Among the blockchain services with a tangible business proposition, market traction and ready products, PayAccept is highly recommended.

PayAccept is a blockchain platform which adds a layer of an interface to render blockchain technology more accessible, helping companies manage crypto assets efficiently while becoming the sole product that companies need to run crypto activities.

Following several credible partnerships and enabled functionalities, PayAccept aims to be the client's choice. The platform recently announced a partnership with Digibyte. This was an addition to announcing staking possibilities with Ferrum as they look forward to a possible partnership with Hybrix.

PayAccept’s founding team already operates a cryptocurrency exchange, digital wallet, and high throughput, multifunctional and secure blockchain. These products operate under the brand names, NEXT.coin, and NEXT.chain.

Pillars of the PayAccept Platform:

Pay Token (PayT)
The PayT is the token that drives the utility and value of the PayAccept ecosystem by allowing payments between users and merchants via terminals and cards. It is characterised by lower fees of at least 50% discounts, VIP membership with privileges like new features and internal information, loans and crowdfunding to get investment options and unlock savings, and conversion to ERC721 to receive dividends when it is licenced as e-money. Besides, it allows staking to receive extra PayT from minting new ones at 10% interest: the PayNode is limited to 10 with 45,000 PayT required as collateral yielding a 50% annual interest compounded daily and airdrops when new assets are listed.

Pay Card
There is a card operating like a traditional one. Imagine being able to pay for real life goods and services with your cryptocurrencies? PayAccept makes this seamlessly possible. The card is designed for an ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle in a crypto way. Card users experience flexibility as they can top up their cards with minimal conversion fees, view their balances, convert fiat and crypto assets via the PayAccept app and with the integration of QR and NFC to sync the terminal and the app. There is security as it has an EMV chip for controlling and locking the card. Additionally, a user can use the card in multiple locations around the globe. You may pre-register for the PayAccept card now.

Pay of Sale (PAYPOS)
As a merchant, PAYPOS is relevant to receive fiat and crypto payments globally including instant bank settlements via local transfers like SEPA, ACH and others. The point of sale also features easy setup with countless plugins for customization, payment buttons, embeddable invoices in websites and hosted checkouts. In terms of returns, point of sale protects merchants from crypto price volatilities.

The PayAccept ecosystem wallet is one of a kind as it is the first wallet which will integrate the Raiden network. The integration will execute CEX-like transactions as it runs as DEX allows users to swap crypto. The wallet also reduces the gas fee by 100x in Ethereum and speeds up transactions by 100x.

PayAccept recently concluded a successful token sale event in which a soft cap of 1 million PAYT was sold. It is worthy to note that PayAccept's ICO drew attention and credibility despite having no VC involvement. The fair launch ICO employed the decentralized crowdfunding system.

This is a new dawn for merchants and users to enjoy the PayAccept ecosystem and its advantages.

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About PayAccept: PayAccept is a decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology company headquartered in the Netherlands PayAccept is building the most advanced and secure platform for digital currency. PayAccept's mission is to bridge the gap between traditional and digital financial institutes.


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