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Republic Crowdfunding Campaign Accelerating for Choose Health

Internal Health Test

Internal Health Test

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, September 15, 2020 / -- The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the healthcare industry hard and affected people’s lives, including their access to primary healthcare services. Aside from the heavy burden already placed on the American healthcare system, the need to reduce or eliminate physical contact between medical workers and patients has made it virtually impossible to conduct any form of medical exam or health check for people with chronic illnesses. This is where Choose Health comes into play, and investors interested in supporting it can do so on the Republic.Co crowdfunding site.

Choose Health is a physician-developed personalized health tracking service that’s convenient and affordable. It empowers individuals to take control of their health without going to a clinic, hospital, or healthcare facility, thereby upholding the need to minimize in-person contact between medical workers and patients.

Although Choose Health was launched in October 2019, the team launched a campaign in August 2020 on the Republic.Co crowdfunding platform. The campaign deadline is set for January 19, 2021, but the Choose Health campaign has already surpassed the minimum target goal amount and achieved the following milestones:

• More than $100,000 invested, which is 407% of Choose Health’s minimum goal
• Democratized access to reliable and accurate individualized health information for thousands of people
• 650 Individual investors committed to the cause
• Providing remote health testing for those in need, in compliance with social distancing protocols

With Choose Health’s internal health kit, people can personally track their core internal health markers such as oxidative stress, visceral fat, insulin sensitivity, inflammation, cholesterol, and average blood sugar — from the comfort of their home.

By opting to use Choose Health, there’s no need for people to commute or drive to get updates on the status of their health. All they need to do is to:

• Take a survey online.
• Order the test they want.
• Wait for their kit to arrive in under a week.
• Collect the required sample at home using the kit.
• Send the sample to a Choose Health partner lab and wait for the results that can be requested by phone.

The unprecedented ease of use, affordability, convenience, and accuracy of Choose Health makes it not only a highly profitable venture for like-minded individuals but also a socially empowering tool in healthcare. With Choose Health, people can take an active role in managing their health. Those with chronic illnesses can monitor and take steps to alleviate their condition.

Single investments exceeding $100 come with a free health kit and $100 Crowd SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity). Individual investments above $1,000 come with free health kits, $1,000 Crowd SAFE, and a free personalized consultation with a Choose Health physician. Investor benefits increase substantially the higher the investment.

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