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Fastline: Pre-Harvest Combine Checklist & XPR 2 Concaves

xpr2 concave

Estes Concaves XPR 2 Concaves for John Deere & Case IH combine harvesters.

Fastline speaks with Estes Performance Concaves about preparing your combine for harvest and their new XPR2 Concave System for John Deere & Case IH combines.

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, September 9, 2020 / -- Brent: It's harvest season in many parts of the country and as those combines begin to roll that means thinking through some of the things that could rob you of precious yield, you've been trying so hard to build all growing season. So, I wanted to bring in Brian Robertson, the CEO of Estes Performance Concaves, to talk about some of the things that you should consider before heading out into the field. Brian, welcome to FASTLINE FAST TRACK. (paraphrased)

Brian: I appreciate you having me on.

Brent: Well, one of the big issues as you begin harvesting is grain damaging. Grain on steel threshing can cause cracks, splits and fines and diminish yields, thereby taking money out of a growers' pocket.

Brian: One of the things to look at is if your concaves are worn. If they are, you'll see flat spots on the concave or you'll have to run the rotor faster than you normally would. But speaking of grain damage, that's one of the things we focused on with the XPR 2 concave system, released in August. We tested it for many, many acres and hours. Grain damage is one of the key aspects that we were looking for in the second generation. How can we run the rotor as slow and open as possible? It's the opposite of fast and tight, like many of the OEMs want you to do. By slowing that rotor down and opening it up, you don't have as much grain on steel. You keep that rotor loaded, to get as much material rubbing on material. And of course, our patented bar helps with that. It threshes better than a round bar or wire concave, but it doesn't do the damage. Finding that sweet spot has been quite the challenge.

Brent: When you talk about the rotors and another big issue to consider is rotor loss. It's estimated that every rotor combined loses between two and five bushels per acre. While the Deere might appreciate that it could mean a loss of as much as $30,000 per 1000 acres of soybeans and that's big money

Brian: It pays to look at these things and to consider other options. One of the things that XPR 2 concave does so well is, it threshes very effectively. And the sooner we can get the grain off the crop, the sooner we can get it down on to the augers or cleaning bed and into the grain tank. A lot of times with OEM concaves, you don't thresh it as quickly. It's not as open as ours so you don't get it down on to the augers as quickly. And then you overload that separator and it gets walked out the back. We can get that grain loss down to minimal and by doing that, we found that just on grain loss, not talking about capacity or grain damage or any of the other benefits of the system, it pays for itself very quickly.

Brent: So your company come up with the XPR2 concave for John Deere and Case IH combines. You say, you have a concave system that stops rotor loss and allows you to go from crop to crop without changing concaves, which is extremely important when time is of the essence.

Brian: In conjunction with our patented bar, the cover plates holds that crop mat to keep the rotor full. So, in your harder threshing grains or your small grains or run those covers. And that means you don't have to break your back, changing concaves or purchase multiple sets. This is really important because sometimes farmers will go from one crop to the next and then back to the original crop in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Brent: Well, we should also mention that these concaves increased ground speed by one to three miles an hour and you have 135% greater threshing surface area than round bars. So, that grain is thrust and captured sooner

Brian: The bar makes all the difference in the world. And the big thing that a lot of guys may not consider or think about is ground speed, we see an increase in ground speed from 20%-30%. Along with that, a lot of guys are running 20%-30% less horsepower, even at that faster ground speed. So, if you're talking about being able to pick up another 40-50 acres a day, during harvest, or 350-400 acres a week. And during harvest, if you get rained out, or a frost or something that unpredictable, that ground speed really makes a difference.

Brent: Well, if you need any more of an endorsement as this concaves are being used by a number of world and national. Corn Growers Association champions and some of the guys who've been featured on the Corn Warriors TV show that you've heard us talking about the past few weeks, including Kevin Kalb, Dan Lucas, Randy Dowdy and David Hula. Just to name a few. Also some record soybean producers like the Hefty Brothers of hefty seen AgPhD fame. Also Matt Miles. So you're going to be hearing about here in a few weeks when we begin to profile the contestants on the new Pod Father TV series. So, you've got some heavy hitters in your corner here.

Brian: We had to make sure we were on our A game with them. One of the things that pushed us for the second gen taking was already good and making it great. We've been extremely impressed with the performance and the guys you mentioned were really the true test. They're all straight shooters and will let you know real quick. We appreciate all them and working with us.

Brent: I hope people will go check those out XPR 2 at and Brian, we sure appreciate you taking the time to join us here on FASTLINE FAST TRACK. And wish you and your company great harvest season.

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