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Joe Keith Explains: Why is Relaxation So Necessary for Achieving Emotional Expression When Acting?

Joe Keith, St. Paul Minnesota

Joe Keith, St. Paul Minnesota

Joe Keith of St. Paul, Minnesota interviewed on achieving emotional expression when acting.

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2020 / -- If you are still struggling to achieve emotional expression when acting, it may be because you aren’t relaxing well yet. Many good actors have already mastered relaxation in their work because they have come to understand how important it is to act.

Usually, there is a feeling of self-consciousness, worry, overthinking, and insecurity associated with tension. While creating your character, such attitudes are capable of getting in the way of your ability to be open to several forms of being and points of view.

To put it simply, too much tension can inhibit the free expression of your thoughts, emotions, and creativity as an actor. It can affect the authenticity of your character’s thought process, emotional response, and reaction in a performance.

“When you are relaxed and not tense, your mind, imagination, and even your body function a lot better. We can say that relaxation is the base on which almost all of your work as an actor builds off,” says theater actor, Joe Keith.

Actors need to work in a relaxed manner since having a relaxed mind, body, and imagination provides a sense of ease and helps to make acting naturally expressive, effortless, and a joy to watch.

“As an actor, physical, mental, and emotional relaxation opens up your creative process. It taps into your subconscious mind and helps you to move from that tense, self-conscious way of being to a higher level where you will feel like your true self. As you perform, you can then take that feeling and expand on it. With relaxation comes more awareness, focus, and the ability to move freely and try out different aspects of your character,” says Joe Keith.

Note that tension is not only a mental thing, but it also affects the physical body too by inhibiting movement and leading to discomfort. If you are going to release those inhibitions, then you must learn to relax.

“To achieve the level of relaxation you need for pure thought and emotional expression while acting, you need to trust yourself and surrender to the process, this will help you discard the attitude of overthinking, wanting to please, and trying, and then submit yourself to effortless ease of being. It also involves letting go of judgments which will allow you to shed tension,” says Joe Keith.

There are several techniques you can use to relax, ranging from Strasberg’s Relaxation Exercise to taking deep breaths, practicing different types of muscle relaxation techniques, guided imagery, and meditation. Each method differs from the other in the process, but they all lead to the same goal of helping you release tension and finding the relaxation you need for emotional expression.

In conclusion, relaxation helps you become your best self while acting. It helps bring out the natural expressiveness in you and ensures that your responses as a character in both thought and subsequent emotional responses are authentic. This way, you will be able to create shows that would be interesting to watch.

About Joe Keith

Joe Keith is an accomplished software designer and theater actor. He is the business development manager at SJ Computers, a significant force behind the growing success of the company for years now.

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