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MUSEUM FUTURES: Socially Distanced post-pandemic Immersion

The Corona Conundrum: MUSEUM FUTURES

Post-Pandemic era poses new challenges for Museums and Science Centers where "Touch" often dominated interactivity, augmenting visitor learning experiences.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, August 14, 2020 / -- Environment, Equity, Education and Engagement are at the heart of Earth Justice. With billions lost in the tourism industry in the last six months of shut-down, its impact ripples through a multitude of sectors- airlines, hotels, restaurants, retail, transportation, culture, arts, infrastructure, medical, pharma, entertainment, schools and universities, and countless many more. While reactive measures have dominated most discourses and conflicting guidelines have added to the confusion and frustration, it is time for MUSEUMS to re-think pro-active containment and envision an intelligent future designed to address an ecosystem of interconnected congruence, as opposed to fractal short-term solutions.

Seeking out the common denominator of mindful mobility, museum planners, trustees, funders and thinkers must focus on the next five decades of museum-based learning, driven by the core principles of vibrant civil societies. Nature holds the key to its design dynamics. Symbiotic adjacency, organic growth, sustainable rejuvenation, cyclical resilience and biomimetics offer insights into how museums could envision and leverage communities, resources and equitable access, mindful of our collective responsibilities to the environment, that provides for and nurtures us.

The New Book 'The Corona Conundrum: MUSEUM FUTURES' is the 8th in the series authored by George Jacob, President and CEO of the San Francisco BayEcotarium that operates the Aquarium of the Bay, the Bay Institute, Sea Lion Center, Studio Aqua and the Bay Academy. The book explores the role of Artificial Intelligence, Robot Guides, Deep Learning, Data Harvesting and Augmented Learning platforms in conceiving new business models for a sustainable future re-defining museums as "morpheums".

“ The world of museums is witnessing a fundamental shift in the way they operate, monetize, curate content, spatially engage visitors and seek gig-collaborators for outsourcing. Every aspect ranging from museum, planning, design, training, outreach to executive recruitment, must adapt to the changing parameters of the post-pandemic era.”
- George Jacob, President & CEO, Bay Ecotarium

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