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The World’s Dark, Messy, and Magical

Book 1

A Light in the Darkness

Rian McMurtry

Rian McMurtry

A teenager dips her toes in magic as she tries to take control of her life

PEMBERTON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2020 / -- Their world to turn upside down whenever a teenager comes face-to-face with certain truths. One day they feel like they have the world in their hands, the next day they stumble upon something that shows them a whole new perspective. Their life changes, and they struggle to seize control.

That is what Angela Fujiwara did midway into high school in A Light in the Darkness, which tells of how her desire to stay on top of her life leads her to take measures that could spell trouble for her, like teenage life is not enough trouble already.

Angela has had enough of being at someone else’s mercy. She enters sophomore year of high school determined to stand on her own, so she asks the most dangerous person she knows to teach her magic — she apprentices herself with a classmate who knows necromancy, the magic to communicate with, animate, and command the dead.

Angela does this under a veil of secrecy that seems to work only with her parents but not with some of her friends. Learning magic, alongside dealing with the usual complexities of high school, football, and a romantic interest, keeps her on her toes.

Rian McMurtry wrote A Light in the Darkness by reworking some of the elements of the places he knew growing up into the story. The author was born in San Francisco and raised in Marin County before moving to Davis, California. He practiced law in Davis for several years and joined a Renaissance faire dance troupe before forging a writing career.

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