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Daughter Forced To Quarantine For COVID, Dad Writes A Kid’s Book?

How and Why the CoViD-19 Kid’s Book Helps Other Families was created

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2020 / -- Addiction Specialist, father of 3 and budding kid’s author Joshua C. Andrus was taking his daughter to the clinic 2 weeks before the schools closed down to ensure she wasn’t contagious with the flu this was back in April 2020. The next couple of weeks seemed unbelievable. She ended up quarantined. He chose to channel his energy into writing his kid’s book series. What came from the experience is easily one of the best books that every kid ages 8-14 should read relating to the Global Pandemic.

When asked about the purpose of the book called “Thriving Through CoViD-19 and Beyond” Josh said: “Originally I was told I couldn’t have my daughter for visits, I was upset and frustrated, and I got educated. I figured if this confusion was causing adults to go the extremes then the kids must be many times more confused.”

The book is fascinating, it is written in rhymes the illustrator went out of his way to make vivid pictures that virtually everyone can relate to during these “social distant” times. The book details new positive ways that can help every reader look at struggles and see advantages. The message is not controversial, it is very factual, universal, and inspires the young readers to look forward to the important jobs and challenges that are so crucial at the present.

The writer was asked about his hopes for this book: “I was frustrated I couldn’t visit with my daughter. I can relate to a lot of frustrated kids out there too. I decided utilize this book to help with their coping. It is so important to ensure we are guiding our youth by the best safest practices physically mentally and emotionally. My hope is that this book helps.” “My book series is inspired by my kid’s and our adventures together. This CoViD title fits naturally.” The author is giving away the PDF version for free with coloring pages included. The paperback version is on amazon.

Joshua C. Andrus Author of “Gamer Gavin and Livestream Liv’s Adventures Off Their Devices”


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