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A Complete WHOIS History Product Line Launched by WhoisXML API

Different historical WHOIS consumption models make domain ownership history more accessible than ever.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2020 / -- Los Angeles, California—WhoisXML API, a domain and IP intelligence provider, launched a complete product line that showcases its archive of 7+ billion historical WHOIS records. The WhoisXML API WHOIS history products allow users to see the domain ownership history details of more than 582 million domain names. With the current global policies on privacy, WHOIS records are more likely redacted. With WHOIS history solutions, however, users can access WHOIS records before redaction.

The product line provides three different consumption models—WHOIS History Lookup, WHOIS History API, and WHOIS History Search. That’s in addition to direct access to the company’s historical WHOIS database via data feeds.

WHOIS History Lookup is a free web-based lookup service that allows users to see up to three of the latest historical WHOIS records of a specific domain. The lookup results are presented in a readily accessible and well-structured format. Each historical record is separated by tabs labeled with the relevant date.

For organizations that need to check the historical WHOIS records for only a few domains, WHOIS History Lookup provides a cost-effective solution. With it, they can avoid using domain names that can tarnish their reputation and undermine their efforts, such as those that have been blacklisted for using blackhat search engine optimization (SEO).

WHOIS History API, on the other hand, lets users access domain ownership history details via API calls. This consumption model makes the product integrable with online fraud prevention solutions, cybersecurity systems, and other existing internally developed and commercial applications. Enterprises can benefit from the capabilities of the WHOIS history product without the need for additional programming as we provide code for Go, Python, JavaScript, and other applications. WHOIS History API is also available as an application for Splunk.

Our comprehensive WHOIS history archive empowers cybercrime investigators with additional intelligence and insights to work with. While most WHOIS records available to the public today are redacted for privacy, WHOIS History API enables investigators and law enforcement agents to see beyond the redaction. Historical WHOIS records may allow them to identify an attacker and trace digital footprints.

Third-party risk management systems can also be made more robust and all-inclusive when historical WHOIS data points are factored. WHOIS History API can unveil a vendor’s past associations with suspicious individuals or entities, helping users prevent unnecessary exposure to cyber risks.

Finally, WHOIS History Search is a dashboard-based tool that is part of WhoisXML API’s Domain Research Suite (DRS). It allows users to view all relevant historical WHOIS records and track the domain’s ownership changes over the years. As the tool is part of DRS, users can monitor a specific domain or any WHOIS change, giving them control over domain ownership history data.

Domain name investors, for one, can benefit from WHOIS History Search, as it gives them insights into the lucrativeness of a domain name. And as part of DRS, the tool also opens investors up for other opportunities, as it allows for domain and registrant monitoring.

For each domain name, all WHOIS history products return relevant registration and update dates; nameservers; and the corresponding registrant, administrative, and technical contact information. All these data points result from more than 10 years of data crawling and tracking millions of domains spread across 2,864 top-level domains (TLDs).

WHOIS history information benefits several sectors, most notably in the context of cybersecurity. However, every organization or person that needs a domain name would be better protected when they include historical WHOIS data in their research. The different consumption models ensure that domain ownership history data points are accessible to any user type.

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