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XPR 2 Concaves™, The Most Xtreme Performance All-Crop Concave John Deere and Case IH Hope You Never Find Out About

xpr 2 concaves

Estes Performance Concaves introduces its best concave ever for 2020 harvest.

Upgrade a class of combine with the new XPR 2 concaves with performance the top producers in the world couldn't ignore.

ARION, IA, US, July 28, 2020 / -- Estes Performance Concaves, pioneering precision harvesting brand, is thrilled to announce their launch of XPR 2 concaves for John Deere and Case IH combines. Building upon the uber successful XPR concaves, the XPR 2 concave’s refinements bring industry dominating performance with the ability to thresh all crops with one concave. XPR 2 concaves maintain industry leading performance, delivering their best threshing, highest-capacity and longest lasting concave to date. Plus, you can thresh hard wheat one minute and high-moisture corn the next, with the same concave.

“We remain committed to producing the most innovative and highest performance concaves on the market. The XPR 2 concaves are just that and we are certain John Deere and Case IH hope you don’t find out about them,” said Brian Robertson, Chief Engineer at Estes Performance Concaves. “We have seen farmers increase one-class of combine just by installing the XPR 2 system -- why spend $750,000 to upgrade your combine when you can spend a tiny fraction of that and get the same increase in performance? It doesn’t make sense.”

The XPR 2 concaves upon first glance look like the first-gen XPR concaves or OEM round bar concaves but stick them into a John Deere or Case IH combine and you will certainly see and feel the difference. All the attention with combine manufacturers focus on more horsepower, larger headers and better UI, but concaves seemingly are always overlooked. As of 2020, all the manufacturers have dual rotors now and they think that is the solution, but they’re twice as much to adjust during harvest and twice the moving parts that could break or that will need to be replaced. They think that is the answer, but we have found it’s not.

More rotors with more variables is not the solution. The most overlooked aspect by both John Deere and Case IH is the one constant in the combine, the concaves. You can make all the adjustments in the world, but at the end of the day you are still threshing against a steel constant. “There’s physics at play. Newton’s laws. Velocities, acceleration and forces. All which must be considered,” said Brian Robertson, Chief Engineer at Estes Performance Concaves, “You must optimize the constant, the solution is not more rotors against the same old round bar concave. We have tested these against everything on the market and the performance is phenomenal”. XPR 2 concaves further optimized the threshing and separating performance of the concaves. As to exactly how, those trade-secrets and know-how are obviously not made public. Hint, if you think it’s a 90 degree, think again.

In addition to being able to thresh wheat, barley, milo, edible beans, soybeans and corn (to name just a few) with the concave, much of the focus and testing of the XPR 2’s was to improve grain-quality. Something the company says they are thrilled about. The XPR 2 concaves thresh more effectively, but gentler, resulting in significantly better grain quality. Many of our customers grow “seed quality” crops and threshing without damaging the grain or kernel is of highest importance. "The improvement we have been able to accomplish with grain quality is remarkable. Seed so impeccable you would have never thought it was harvested with a combine -- it looks like you ran it through a seed cleaner. You can take it straight to your drill if you wanted, it’s that good. And people have noticed,” said Brian Robertson, Chief Engineer at Estes Performance Concaves.

If you’re a farmer looking to upgrade your combine or looking for more performance, the new XPR 2 concave is the answer. Increase your capacity, eliminate damaged and cracked grain, stop rotor loss, increase ground speed, all while using less horsepower and never having to change concaves. Upgrade your concaves, not your combine. Visit call 1-877-248-4844

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Estes Performance Concaves is a world leader in providing the most advanced and cutting edge combine concaves and is committed to the success of farmers across the world. Good is the enemy of great and we refuse to be second and will not stop innovating, testing and building up success after success until every kernel harvested ends up in the farmers tank. There is no compromise and we accept only the best and to God be all the glory. For more information, visit Estes Performance Concaves at

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