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The COVID SAFE CARE Solution from Prompt.Health Assists Healthcare Providers in Rebuilding Patient Trust

The COVID SAFE CARE Solution by Prompt.Health

The COVID SAFE CARE Solution by Prompt.Health

The Economic Resiliency Grant, offered by the ND Department of Commerce, will cover the cost of technologies and products such as the COVID SAFE CARE solution.

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2020 / -- Fargo, ND – July 27, 2020 – Prompt.Health, an Infinite Leap company, announced that its COVID SAFE CARE solution is an excellent match for funding via the Economic Resiliency Grant (ERG) offered by the North Dakota Department of Commerce. The ERG grant provides funding up to $50,000 per location (maximum $100,000 per organization) to businesses in North Dakota to reopen safely and efficiently. This state grant allows healthcare providers to make investments to rebuild patient confidence, sustain ongoing operations to help deliver the care needed to keep North Dakota residents healthy, and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The Prompt.Health COVID SAFE CARE solution is designed for clinics, physician practices, and ambulatory surgery centers, as well as large, multi-departmental, multi-location healthcare systems, to:

- Build patient trust and employee confidence that they are in a safe care environment
- Promote social distancing among patients and employees
- Improve patient throughput, allowing providers to catch up on the backlog of appointments caused by COVID-19
- Reduce the opportunity for the continued spread of COVID-19

The COVID SAFE CARE solution includes:
- Virtual Waiting Room capabilities which remove the risks of a congested waiting area by enabling patients to check in from their vehicles and to automatically be notified electronically when it is safe to enter the facility.

- Automated Location-Based Patient Flow experience which provides real-time visibility into the current location and status of patients throughout their visit. This ensures that social distancing is adhered to, and eliminates bottlenecks that contribute to the existing backlog of appointments. Improved flow ensures that providers are able to deliver as many appointments as possible, thereby safely delivering the care needed by patients, and generating the revenue needed by the healthcare provider to stay in business and keep their employees employed.

- Automated Family Messaging which addresses the situation where family members aren’t permitted to join their loved one in the appointment due to COVID-19 social distancing policies. With this capability, family members are delivered automated updates as to the appointment or procedure progress and know instantly when they should pick up their loved one. Importantly, this all takes place automatically to eliminate any additional burden on the healthcare staff.

- Visitor Management assists with limiting the risk of exposure to patients and staff by having information readily available on who is allowed to enter the facility.

- Automated Contact Tracing reporting: in the event of a potential contagion incident, all staff and patients can be immediately identified and notified of the potential risk. This immediate and accurate reporting ensures that risks are managed appropriately and helps focus the critical follow-up to those with the most risk.

One of the core requirements of the North Dakota ERG program is that the funded solutions must be able to be deployed rapidly in order to provide immediate impact to the community. The Prompt.Health COVID SAFE CARE solution is designed to install in under an hour and utilizes cloud-based technologies to minimize any set-up and configuration effort. Additionally, all support is handled remotely, 24x7, from a centralized support center located in Fargo, ND, further limiting the risks and complexities of deploying grant funds.

The Prompt.Health solution falls well under the $50,000 scope of the North Dakota Economic Resiliency Grant and directly addresses the goals and objectives of the program, as well as the real and important needs of the residents of the state of North Dakota. Healthcare providers can apply for funds covering multiple COVID-19 safety solutions, such as personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as the Prompt.Health COVID SAFE CARE solution, thereby addressing patient safety from multiple angles.

“As members of the North Dakota community, we felt obligated to do what we can to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and build confidence among our community members that healthcare organizations are prepared to care for their patients in the safest possible manner. It feels great to know that our efforts and solutions will help provide a safe care environment for our friends, family, and neighbors within the State of North Dakota,” said Mark Rheault, CEO of Infinite Leap. “I really encourage every healthcare provider - whether they are a healthcare system, family practice, a multispecialty clinic, a surgical center, a veterinary clinic, or any other provider of care - to check out this first-come-first-served grant program as soon as possible. This state-funded grant can help your organization open in a safe manner, and provide powerful tools that will help you today and well into the future.”

For more information, or for help in completing your application, please call 1-833-776-6781 or 701-219-7241, email, or visit

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