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The Solution to Paperwork Overload: EasySend’s No-code Platform for Financial Services

EasySend no-code development platform

EasySend 3-step solution

EasySend takes lengthy, clunky forms and transforms them into amazing digital journeys that can be filled on any device.

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, July 27, 2020 / -- Do you cringe when your provider hands you a long form to fill out? Do you hate it when you can’t sign your application on your mobile phone?

For most people, the answer is a resounding yes.

Despite the fact that everyone hates paperwork, paperwork-based processes are at the core of the insurance and banking industries. Almost every action you, as a customer, want to make requires some sort of form to collect your data and signature.

Some progress has been made as most companies have ditched actual paper in favor of digital solutions. However, PDFs a common alternative to paper forms, are still a long way to go from easy. First of all, PDFs aren’t mobile-friendly. And second, for complicated processes, it can be cumbersome to figure out which fields you need to fill in and which need to be left empty or filled in by the service provider. As a result, mistakes and errors abound and applications take too long.

Paperwork can’t be avoided completely, but dated and clunky solutions don’t have to be settled for either.

Enter EasySend - a no-code platform for building and optimizing digital customer journeys in financial services.

EasySend takes lengthy, clunky forms and automatically transforms them into amazing digital journeys that can be filled on any device. EasySend is a fully no-code solution. This means that digital journeys can be built by non-technical staff without any coding via a simple Drag & Drop interface. The journeys include everything in a financial services process: legally binding eSignatures, files and attachment uploads, and data validations to ensure accuracy.

The data entered by the customer is funneled into the internal systems through seamless integrations to ensure that the data is routed where it needs to go within the organization.

The world is becoming increasingly digital. Customers are no longer willing to tolerate clunky, lengthy, and paper-based processes. But the speed of digital transformation is difficult to keep up with, especially for traditional and slow-moving enterprises such as insurance carriers and large banks.

A traditional development project that relies on code would take anywhere from 6 to 12 months, depending on the complexity and the availability of internal or outsourced IT resources.

No-code solutions amplify your IT department. Since the journeys are built through the Drag & Drop interface, the time to market for new digital products is cut from months to mere days. And that is including all the integrations with the core and internal systems, security and compliance standards, and advanced functionality such as third-party services, multi-language support, and mobile responsiveness.

The future of the financial services industry is digital, and agility is no longer optional. By embracing no-code solutions such as EasySend, enterprises can finally transition to the digital era.

EasySend is putting an end to inefficient paperwork in the insurance and banking sectors. By empowering financial service enterprises to quickly transition from manual processes to user-friendly digital journeys in a matter of days, Easysend empowers organizations to embrace digital transformation, delight their customers, and, as a result, boost revenues.

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