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World Firsts for the Telecoms Industry announced by ROCCO

The top 25 of the ROCCO 100

ROCCO Group announced results this week from several unique research projects related to Influential people, Industry Innovation and Messaging.

We’re so pleased that while under the constraints of quarantine we were able to bring so many people together and provide these insights.”
— Dhiraj Wazir CEO ROCCO Strategy
LONDON, UK, July 24, 2020 / -- The ROCCO 100 project began in 2019 to identify for the first time the 100 most influential people in telecoms International Roaming & Interconnect globally. In a change to industry norms, the focus was not exclusively to identify CEO’s or high-ranking people in the companies, but inclusive of people at all levels who have made a significant difference to the industry in 2019, irrespective of location, company type, gender or age.

- 100 days to choose the 100 most influential people in Roaming and Interconnect

The ROCCO 100 were identified from mobile operators and vendors from across the globe through nominations and voting which included the review of all the entries by an independent panel of leadership consultants in March 2020 and announced at a special ceremony held at ROCCO’s Genesis online event on May 20th.

The top 25 people were revealed and a 150+ page free report published which uncovered startling results on gender, regionality, age and company type. Jason Bryan CEO of ROCCO Research commented about the ROCCO 100, “We all attend a lot of industry panel sessions during conferences or project meetings, typically the representatives are the same race, gender or from the same region and yet when we are designing the future of telecom’s we are trying to appeal to the world. It was amazing to see from this research study that the industry identified for us a completely diverse set of people truly globally representative and that there was no significant differences in skills and leadership between men and women, regionally or by age group.”

With over a third of the ROCCO 100 being women, the results differed greatly from the typical portrayal of telecoms leadership, which can often be a strictly male dominated environment. ROCCO made the announcements at its Genesis event held in May, an event held online on a platform where telecoms operators from around the world entered into a virtual conference as avatars, networked with each other and watched presentations from ROCCO. Vicky Sleight, Chief Perfect Officer at Perfect Ltd was one of the judges of the ROCCO 100 and was in attendance at the event “I think we need to know who these people are because they’re in a really good position to make their voice heard and to empower others to do so as well. We’ve heard a lot about how the future of people’s skills is important, so I think knowing who those influential people are is a really great thing”.

- The Innovators

The announcements also included the conclusion of ROCCO’s biennial Innovation research ‘The Innovators” whose aim was to identify the 50 most Innovative Vendors in the industry. The market research revealed a truly diverse array of international vendors, but not surprisingly who were also in countries well known for being innovative, like Germany, UK, USA and Israel. Using mobile operator’s opinions globally and based on vendors as diverse as A2P Aggregators and IPX vendors, it was interesting to identify through the ROCCO methodology which companies were making incremental innovations and which companies’ innovations were transformational. ROCCO’s unique hive methodology used for the research was insightful in helping the vendors identify the perception of their innovations and where they needed to invest to make a difference.

- Messaging

One report ROCCO is well known for is its annual A2P SMS Messaging Benchmarking research. This year, ROCCO announced 10 companies whose influence in A2P SMS have been well received by Enterprises and Mobile Operators across the world. These days everyone from government ministries, to social media companies and high street banks use SMS to communicate to their customers, but with over 900 Vendors globally its often hard to determine the right quality of vendor to work with. Since 2015 ROCCO has been preparing independent research which has not only been instrumental in the merger or acquisition of vendors in the market, but has also identified the major requirements for these services and how all the top 50 vendors are ranked according to them. While many consider SMS to be “old tech”, A2P SMS (Information sent by companies to their clients by text message) remains today the one ubiquitous, most profitable and trusted form of messaging globally.

- The effects of COVID19 on International Roaming

In addition, and perhaps most importantly the Industry studied the effects Covid 19 had had on International Roaming services. While clearly travel has been impacted, the survival of international roaming remains clear and with the help of Deutsche Telekom’s Dr Johannes Opitz who shared valuable insights on the potential steps to recovery, Operators were brought together to discuss scenarios for their strategic planning. CEO of ROCCO Strategy Dhiraj Wazir said of the event “We’ve known for a while Operators like to share ideas and insights into their industry to help each other and to drive further success, we’re so pleased that while under the constraints of quarantine we were able to bring so many people together and provide these insights. While ROCCO was requested to repeat the event, more frequently than annually, no clear date had been set for the next sessions. Although it’s anticipated that we want to repeat the special dynamics we created here again in the coming months”.

About ROCCO Group
ROCCO Group is formed of three divisions: ROCCO Research, ROCCO Strategy and ROCCO U, which specialise in Research, Consulting and Education. ROCCO has been providing independent and unsponsored research in the specific niche area of Roaming and Interconnect since 2012. By not using sponsors for its research projects, ROCCO is particularly known for its independent and neutral stance, as well as encouraging innovation and the solving of industry issues with taskforces. For the last six years, ROCCO 's annual A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Benchmarking studies are commonly used by MNOs and Enterprises in boardrooms across the world to determine their strategy for messaging. Vendor Benchmarking from ROCCO actively allows companies to save time on the often-challenging choice of vendor selection.

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