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How to Use Optimism to Combat COVID-19?

Optimism vs COVID-19

Transcontinental University

6 Critical Skills for Surviving the COVID Crisis through Strategic Optimism

Our world needs hope, more than ever. With what seems to be an endless pandemic, leaders have a choice to strategically create organizational optimism that heals the contant anxiety and uncertainty.”
— Dr. Ted Sun

DUBLIN, OHIO, US, July 24, 2020 / -- As the mask orders in various states are going into effect, it greatly impacts the mental health of our community more than ever. Especially after months of elevated levels of anxiety, uncertainty, and fear, the COVID crisis is challenging us to undergo a fundamental change in how we manage risk, productivity, and negativity within the workplace and at home. It challenges our sense of who we are as individuals, our organizations, our nation, and the world.

To combat the psychological impacts of the COVID crisis, optimism is a critical ingredient in leading healthy minds. It is also the best defense against negativity and hopelessness. Furthermore, optimism is the best foundation for restoring personal and organizational resilience. Transcontinental University, a global leader in solution-based business education, have created the Organizational Optimism Webinar Series to help leaders enable organizational optimism to tackle the COVID crisis that’s haunting the mindset of every employee. The series offers interventions that impact at least 3 levels in the organization from personal optimism, to the optimistic team, and finally organizational optimism.

This powerful webinar series offers interventions that impact at least 3 levels in the organization from personal optimism, to the optimistic team, and finally organizational optimism. At the personal level, a positive mindset improves our attitude and enhances productivity. At the team level, optimism influences team dynamics from conflicts to innovation. At the organizational level, organizational optimism is the foundation of resilience. Without proactive actions at every level of the organization, the abundance of anxiety and uncertainty will chip away at productivity and increase unnecessary conflicts.

As a non-profit university, Transcontinental University was built on the principles of developing the whole individual. We’ve developed six critical skills for organizational leaders in the current environment. There is no other option but to take on the challenges from the second COVID wave. Created by Dr. Ted Sun, a renowned organizational psychologist and President of the university, this series will start with an introductory workshop on organizational systems that are not designed to deal with the COVID environment. In this first of a series of seven workshops, you will learn to:

1. Identify the forces that undermine optimism in people and organizations
2. Discover and use practical tactics that overcome these forces with courage, sensitivity, knowledge, and teamwork
3. Enhance organizational systems that produce optimistic mindsets for leaders
4. Build greater awareness of the six critical optimism-building skills

Each of the latter six workshops is grounded in research from organizational psychology and various fields of business. The first few critical skills focus on the thought processes that build optimism at the individual and team levels. The other critical skills explore strategic and tactical actions at the organizational level.

1. Eliminate B.E.D. (Blame, Excuse, Denial): The B.E.D. mentality is a cancer inside any organization. It takes away any chance of resolving the root issues of any problem. This workshop empowers leaders to create a mindset shift towards ownership, accountability, and responsibility within the leadership team.
2. Develop a personal vision and values system: Self-knowledge is the starting point for strategic leadership. Drafting one’s core values and personal vision takes ongoing reflection and self-discovery to build confident leaders who embody their personal visions and these values.
3. Create a dream collage: One of the most powerful executive tools for cultivating strategic thought is creative visualization. This technique draws upon our power of imagination to produce new insights in a visual representation about our life and our work. Strategically sharing the dream collage with others also invokes optimism within a team environment, along with many benefits from the field of quantum physics.
4. Overcome negativity: Negative thoughts are part of the normal thought processes. Strategic interventions designed to recognize each negative thought and consciously choose when to leverage the thought towards innovation is essential in any organization. This workshop helps your team replace negative thinking with positive thinking.
5. Strategic gratitude: Gratitude is a powerful choice. Research finds that gratitude (gratefulness) increases the serotonin levels in the body and improves personal mood. This is especially important as everyone now is constantly reminded of COVID-19 in the news along with face masks everywhere. This workshop helps your team use gratitude strategically to create a sense of optimistic abundance.
6. Taking control through Systems Thinking: Strategic leaders are adept at see the big picture. They understand themselves and their organizations systematically. These leaders take a proactive approach to prevent or reduce problems before they become dauting issues. This workshop empowers leaders to successfully navigate change, restore purpose and direction, and achieve their goals.

As part of our commitment to support businesses in these challenging times, Transcontinental University is offering this webinar workshop series to organizational leaders to help them deal effectively and efficiently deal with the pressures of our current times. Each webinar will build upon the previous one, providing practical and strategic actions to address leadership issues. Most importantly, we are here to help you implement ideas. In that regard, the webinars will provide implementation support for the outcomes of the previous webinar. In this way, you will not only be given useful information, but you will be supported in making positive changes specific to your organization.

Please don’t wait for a steep decline in personal and organizational productivity or a surge in interpersonal conflict to address the mental health of your company! Register now for Transcontinental University’s Organizational Optimism Series.

The first workshop is a no-obligation free learning experience with the President of Transcontinental University, Dr. Ted Sun, who is a renowned organizational psychologist, author, and business leader with global experience in transforming leaders and organizations. The other 6 webinars are reasonably priced at $35/person or $195/person for the entire series.

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