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Turning the contest of sport into a global collaboration challenge

"The need for artist-led social change is nothing less than Olympic" 

TOKYO, CA, JAPAN, July 24, 2020 / -- After months of reconfiguring a highly interactive face-to-face program, it's coming fast online with the Olympic movement by abstracting the games into THE IMPACT GAMES. This could be seen by some as the first impact olympiad of our modern era, whereby the 17 Sustainable Development Goals have been broken down into 5 impact teams, who are each competing for a GLOBAL PITCH to make an effective positive change in the world. Uniting Humanity through the power of art, AiA Unite promotes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to new audiences while raising vital funds for Artists of all audiences and their causes.

Join THE GLOBAL SUMMIT this AUGUST for the OPENING CEREMONY concert: Artists in Action UNITE, which will be simulcast via YouTube and bringing new audiences to launch the Summit’s dedicated impact portal 1PIE.

“Artists in Action is an opportunity for artists to contribute to The Global Summit, not only to perform in the opening ceremony but to participate as changemakers and social entrepreneurs in the five Summit Impact Teams: Wellbeing360; Feminomics; Learning 4 Life; One Ocean; and Thriving Cities.”  Concert Co-Producer, fellow Artist and Bay Area Summit Alumni, Robin Liepman (aka Bloom) notes.

In this spirit, some of the early adopters include Renowned Italian Cultural Folk Musician, Dancer, and a top 10 Global Percussionist, Alessandra Belloni; Senegalese Recording Artist, Pape Diouf (a Wellbeing 360 Team Ambassador).  Artist, Madame Gandi (India & NYC) has toured drumming with Thievery Corporation, MIA, and most recently Oprah.

Tanzanian Artist, Chi, represents Team Feminomics:  "I believe that women are the cornerstone of societal change and so we should continue to strive to pass on torches to the next generation of girls so they can help light up their communities".  

With the common thread being the Impact of these artists, teams of regional Co-Hosts are curating everything from Pop to Folk to Hip Hop, which Partners, Hip Hop Loves have ushered in globally with the support of its Founder, René John-Sandy.   

Mikko Kapanen (Finland) Host/Session DJ, The Cradle (All Africa and Western Europe), "Hip-Hop is worldwide. It's not just consumed worldwide, but it is exercised - lived - everywhere on this planet. What we do is a love letter to the culture and people who have played part in its origin story as well as a celebration of the voices and expressions from all continents. 

This is the opening event to the IMPACT GAMES, which begins August 11th and continues until August 17th. The need for artist-led social change is nothing less than Olympic at scale, which became a critical point for THE IMPACT GAMES to begin with this opening ceremony of all artists united under one purpose: To create a positive impact. This digital concert will be circulating the globe by time zones, spanning 5 regions, starting in Tokyo, 8 PM, August 9th, and ending August 10th, at Midnight.  

Each of the 5 host-led regions will be curating respectively 4 hours of diverse music/ performers, and in between regions the host will be “passing the torch”, this new flame of global unity. 

We are at a point where we need to channel our collective actions into building a more balanced, just, and harmonious world; THE GLOBAL SUMMIT invites you as you partake in watching the Artist in Action UNITE opening ceremony, or whether participating by watching the IMPACT GAMES, that you consider the Olympic creed during this time of global transitions and fights for a better world: “The important thing in life is not the triumph, but the fight; the essential thing is not to have won, but to have fought well.” Now let’s go FASTER, HIGHER, STRONGER for the first-ever IMPACT GAMES.

Line Up, Patron Opportunities, and More:

Aug 9,  8pm to Midnight (prime time where artists’ fans are)

East Asia, from Australia ~ Oceania ~ Siberia
The Crossroads: India to the Middle East
The Cradle: All of Africa  ~ W. & C. Europe
Atlantic: Rio to Harlem, S.America - E. Coast
Pacific Return: including N/W/C. Americas

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