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Design the New Normal: Making the Change in a Post-Pandemic Future

A reference guide for change agents, leaders and activists everywhere.

The Berkana Institute´s model of change

The book ‘Changing The World We Create’ many see as the how-to reference guide for change agents, leaders, and activists everywhere.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, July 22, 2020 / -- The recently published book ‘Changing The World We Create’, available on Amazon: synthesizes a ten-year research project which offers a new starting point for everyone and anyone who knows we need profound change and is frustrated it is not happening.

During these difficult times, we find ourselves asking “Where do we as a species go next?” The pandemic has offered all 7.8 billion people around the world the opportunity to feel how interconnected they are and how fragile the current ways of living are.

“For the first time in history, it is possible to collectively change the narrative of what it is to be a human and to set a new course for humanity --- beyond climate crises, polarised societies, and failed leadership”, says Tomas Björkman, serial entrepreneur, though-leader and philanthropist leading the extensive research behind the book.

“In this, you will find that at the end of the day, we humans are connected by emotions; what we believe in, what we love, what we care about,” states Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, founder of PVBLIC Foundation. “Then comes everything else. ‘Changing The World We Create’, opens our eyes to a set of new perspectives from which we can start building the world we all would like to live in.”

“Despite our best efforts, we are failing to create the change we need at the pace necessary within the available window of time for action”, states Björn Larsson, co-author of ‘Changing The World We Create’ and CEO of the ForeSight Group. “To solve the problems, and build ‘The new normal’, he continues, we must first build the capacity to work from a new and higher order of thinking. In The Berkana Institute´s model of change (see on side-bar) you will gain valuable insight and visualization on how to embark on this journey of leadership."

“Across the planet, millions of people are working to create a better world for current and future generations. Yet, while we have less than a generation in which to change course to prevent serious ecological collapse, our societies are increasingly polarised and our leadership seemingly unable to effectively chart a new course,” says Mark Drewell, co-author of ‘Changing The World We Create’: “While there is no guarantee that embracing new perspectives will change the trajectory for humanity, we can be sure that we will fail if we do not."

‘Changing The World We Create’ is a must-read for everyone seeking change in politics, business, and civil society”, stated Richard Barrett, founder The Academy for the Advancement of Human Values and former Values Coordinator, World Bank.

About the Authors
‘Changing The World We Create’ is written by experienced global change agents Mark Drewell and Björn Larsson, who lead The ForeSight Group. It is graphically designed by Jakob Trollbäck, the architect behind the UN Sustainable Development Goals visual communication system.

‘Changing the World We Create’ is further based on a 10-year research project named (“The World We Create”) led by Tomas Björkman, former serial entrepreneur within financial services, IT, property and banking (chairman of EFG Investment Bank) today thought-leading multidisciplinary researcher, author, and founder of the Oak Island (Ekskäret) Foundation, member of Club of Rome, the World Academy of Art and Science.

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