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Addplus Anticipates and Publishes the AI 20/21 Project to Bring Artificial Intelligence into Document Management

COSENZA, ITALY, July 13, 2020 / -- Altera Fabrica has released its AI 20/21 project for automated digital document management. A future campaign for the new Addplus software with the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence into the current application. The goal is to create a community to support the future application that will be offered free of charge to fundraising supporters with privileges to the members of the community. Hurry up and join it by registering on web site.

Addplus stands out from its competitors in document management thanks to its intuitive and cutting-edge software. The app allows users to collect, store and convert documents and digital content, spread across various platforms and clouds, in a single digital space through the multiple-link formula. The current web software allows users to archive and share any digital content by editing it as a link on a landing page, customizable and traceable with automatically generated and associated QR Codes. A simple and intuitive method that already makes the file easy to find and share even with short-url and directly in your social media. Addplus supports a wide variety of documents, including PDF, images, videos, vCards being able to share team work.

A significant advantage to have all your documents in one place and without a paper.

As people become more aware of the waste they create, many are attracted to Addplus's eco-conscious practices both as an application and as a company. And their next innovation will further strengthen their commitment to the environment with the help of A.I. to reduce time and waste.

With the future integration of Artificial Intelligence, Users will be able to upload, organize and share their documents with greater speed, ease and overall efficiency, eliminating unprofessional execution times (scanning, cataloging, document recognition, research, etc. ) to give more time to professional creativity.

The most notable advantage is the ability to process any physical document and digitize it easily and then recognize and view it. This will contribute significantly to Addplus's mission to reduce wasted time, paper and money across industries worldwide and create a more accessible service for small business and Professionals.

The Addplus team will welcome you to its USER COMMUNITY by offering you a full year of free trial of the software, with no obligation to renew, and the maximum support of its staff.

Ugo Vitale
Altera Fabrica
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