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Mastrangelo Law Offices Reports $4.25 Million Settlement

Nick Mastrangelo Best Personal Injury Attorney East Bay Area

Nick Mastrangelo - $4.95 Million Settlement for Auto Accident

A Client of the Mastrangelo Law offices received a $4.25 Million settlement after being Rear Ended on a Route 4 in California.

“Our client was ejected during the collision and his truck came to rest on top of him. ”
— Nick Mastrangelo
ORINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2020 / -- Accidents happen and the East Bay Accident Lawyers offices Ed and Nick Mastrangelo have seen a lot of them. For nearly 40 years the brothers have been serving the needs of Californians that have been injured in an accident. This one was a bit different.

Rear end accidents happen daily. While speeds increased during the Shelter at Home order from Governor Newsom, accidents didn’t go away. We usually think of a rear end accident as something that happens at a stop light when a driver is distracted and doesn’t notice the cars ahead of them stopped. The foggy freeways of central California are another place we see multi car pileups, which usually start with one rear end accident, on the news.

Nick Mastrangelo shared a case with me that got my attention. His client was injured in a rear end accident and received a $4.25 Million settlement. I just couldn’t wrap my hands around that. I was once rear ended by an uninsured motorist in my 1984 VW Golf. From the looks of it you would think the car was totaled. Since I was in college and broke, I did not talk to a doctor about my ensuing neck pain.

Years later I was on the other end of a rear end accident. A woman was making a right turn to merge into high speed traffic. I reached down for my cell phone and bam. She was stopped and the back end of her BMW was pretty well done in by my big truck. Thankfully the damages were under $5,000 and she wasn’t injured.

I have even watched a teenager texting on the highway with traffic at a dead stop just in front of them. Two cars were destroyed in that one, and thankfully no one was injured. I share all of this with you because of the value of the settlement that Mr. Mastrangelo shared with me.

The first question I asked was if the plaintiff (the guy in the front of the accident) was injured.

It turned out the 49 year old carpenter’s pickup was hit so hard from the back that it threw the truck off the state highway. The truck rolled several times and the driver was ejected after his seatbelt let go. The pickup came to rest in a ditch on the side of the road, on top of the driver. Yes this case was a little different.

The carpenter suffered multiple injuries which kept him from returning to work for some time. Nick shared with me that “Our client was ejected during the collision and his truck came to rest on top of him.  He sustained a crushed pelvis, multiple rib fractures, a collapsed lung, a ruptured bladder, a fractured collarbone, and a torn urethra.  He underwent multiple surgeries and was hospitalized for 13 days.  He made a gradual recovery but was unable to return to his physically demanding job as a carpenter.”

The defendant in the case, aka the driver that hit the carpenter, admitted some fault and liability. He also claimed that at the time of the accident, the carpenter was thrown because he was not wearing his seatbelt. The carpenter testified that he was wearing a seat belt and it failed after his pickup rolled over several times.

Clearly not all accidents are the same.

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