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CEOCFO Magazine covers Urethral Stricture Treatment, Artificial Pancreas System, Remote Employee Productivity Monitoring

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CEOCFO interviews CEOs from Urotronic Inc, Ideal Medical Technologies and Softwatch

And that’s Optilume BPH – a highly disruptive technology that we believe men will seek out for treatment.”
— David Perry

PLYMOUTH, MN, USA, June 23, 2020 / -- CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business news and investment publication that highlights important technology, products, services, medical, natural health clean-tech and financial companies, this week spoke with David Perry, CEO of Urotronic Inc, an Plymouth, MN based company, about their Optilume BPH drug coated balloon, that offers urologists an in-office procedure that opens the flow of the prostate. Mr. Perry told CEOCFO Senior Editor, Lynn Fosse, “The current technologies are all an iteration on a similar approach – Attack the prostate! We believe it is time to explore a completely different approach—one that opens the flow without the damage. And that’s Optilume BPH – a highly disruptive technology that we believe men will seek out for treatment.”

As to what is behind the Optilume Mr. Perry told us, “The Optilume drug coated balloon is used to exert gentle radial force to dilate the urethra to overcome the narrowed obstruction present before treatment providing greater flow of urine exiting the body. The distal end of the catheter has a semi-compliant inflatable balloon that is coated with a proprietary drug coating containing the active pharmaceutical paclitaxel which prevents the newly dilated area from scarring down or re-narrowing causing obstruction to flow.”

CEOCFO spoke Ideal Medical Technologies CEO, Leon DeJournett, MD about their hospital-based artificial pancreas system company. Dr. DeJournett, told Lynn Fosse, “Our FUSION artificial pancreas system will adjust the infusion rates of the insulin and/or glucose infusing into the ICU patients every five to ten minutes, whereas the current method makes adjustments every one to four hours. I knew that the current method, with the slow reaction time and adjustments of insulin infusion rates every one to four hours, would never be able to achieve good glucose control. I thought that I could develop a system that could mimic the way that the human body works and achieve safe and effective glucose control.”

Explaining their device Dr. DeJournett said, “Our FUSION systems ability to use multiple different types of continuous glucose monitors will allow us to eventually bring glucose control to both ICU patients and diabetic patients in a non-ICU setting. Our glucose control software is artificial intelligence based and uses biomimicry, which means it mimics how the native pancreas and the liver work together in controlling blood glucose levels. The current intravenous pumps that are available on the market are accurate and reliable enough to control blood glucose levels in ICU patients.”

In technology this week, in a discussion with Remote Productivity Monitoring company, Softwatch, CEO Dror Leshem tells Lynn, “The company was established 10 years ago, yet over the past five years or so our offering evolved and we now focus on providing customers with a platform that delivers actionable data on the behaviour and deep usage analysis of enterprise applications. Such an analysis serves as a baseline for various IT projects such as a move to the cloud, cost optimization, transitioning from MS Office to G Suite, Microsoft Office/Office 365 evaluation, remote productivity assessments and more. We hold a patent for metering and presenting software usage. The hottest demand today is work from home/remote productivity and associated business insights. How does one evaluate productivity? This is the challenge of the moment. To do this we provide relevant parameters that enable managers to address it.”

Mr. Leshem explained how they help their enterprise customers adjust during COVID-19, “We provide the capabilities to really understand how their employees work--whether they work from home or work from the office. If the situation with COVID-19 continues or whatever the future might be for work, chances are employees will continue to work both from home and the office, kind of a combining of environments. These customers came to us asking that we assist them in really seeing how and what their employees are doing and helping them to understand and obtain absolute insights into this data, as well as suggesting how to move forward. It is important to mention that we are talking about large enterprises. Our baseline is 1,000 users, but many of our customers have tens or hundreds of thousands of users. They are seeking a solution that has the capability to provide employee work insights.”

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