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Indiegogo Campaign Launches for Copper-Based Everyday Safety Gear

ANGOLA, INDIANA, USA, June 2, 2020 / -- An Indiegogo campaign has recently launched to fund the manufacturing of CuShield, a series of copper-based EDS products that protect people from viruses and bacteria. The team behind CuShield is offering Indiegogo exclusive discounts on their products in their efforts to raise $5,000 by July 14.

Douglas McGregor is the inventor of CuShield, a brand of everyday personal protective safety gear that uses copper to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. With his background in chemical engineering, Douglas knew that copper's antimicrobial properties, if incorporated in the right way, could be used to keep people's hands clean and protected from pathogens found on common surfaces.

This is because copper is able to destroy the majority of virus and bacteria on contact. Copper, unlike other antimicrobial materials, does not require moisture to work and continues to function even as it becomes oxidized or tarnished. As a result, copper has been used to stop the spread of illness for centuries.

The funds raised by the Indiegogo campaign will go toward the production of three different CuShield products: the easy-to-fold handkerchief, the self-retracting stylus, and the inversion pouch. These multi-products are designed to be as convenient to use and store as possible, ensuring that one never has to touch contact surfaces.

CuShield products are also far more environmentally friendly than their alternatives. While hand-washing is one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses, it isn't always a realistic option for people on the go. Frequent use of rubber gloves, wipes, and hand sanitizer appear to be good substitutes, but these disposable options result in tons of waste. CuShield products not only protect the user but others around them, stopping the spread of contagions.

The CuShield stylus, handkerchief, and pouch can be washed by hand or sanitized to maintain their appearance, but regular cleaning isn't necessary. Although the products may naturally develop a patina over time, this doesn't impact their effectiveness. Given the quality of materials used in its manufacturing, CuShield gear can be used for years. This allows their products to be more affordable than having to routinely purchase hand sanitizer and rubber gloves.

There are various tiers for contributors, all with Indiegogo exclusive discounts on CuShield gear. The lowest is $14, which comes with one EDS stylus, with the discounted handkerchief for $17, and the pouch for $27. Those interested in having all three can contribute to the $59 early bird deal.

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