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The Bourbon Bullet - Smoother Whiskey In Days

The Bourbon Bullet - Smoother Whiskey in Days

The Bourbon Bullet - Smoother Whiskey in Days

It's like putting a mini whiskey barrel, right back into the bottle of whiskey.”
— Founder Brooke Morris

ATLANTA, GA, USA, June 2, 2020 / -- Marine Corps Veterans are on a mission to make average whiskey taste like top shelf spirits. 100% natural and made from select American White Oak, Cherry, or Maple, the Bourbon Bullet allows you to elevate and tailor your drinking experience your way.

Innovation meets fortitude making every bourbon or whiskey exceptional. Marine Corps veterans come together to make the first mini-whiskey barrel that used INSIDE any bottle of whiskey. Over 1000 units have been sold with tremendos reviews and now it's time to SCALE!

The Bourbon Bullet is modeled after the .338 Lapua and is made of 100% premium American White Oak, Maple, and Cherry. It's proprietary shape maximizes the char and oak exposure to ensure a proper balance of smoothness and flavor.

The distillate (alcohol) to surface area ratio and the NEW unused Oak, Cherry, and Maple all provide an entirely new experience that calls back what a good drink should taste like.

Smoother is Better.

USMC veterans, Brooke Morris and Rad Heroman served in Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan and have been buddies since 2004 when they covered for each other through the uncertainty of conflict. They are entrepreneurs at heart and have a love for fine whiskey and bourbon. Brooke Morris owns the company BattleGround Brands, LLC and employes Heroman for marketing and strategy.

The Bourbon Bullet is new concept with tremendous potentail for growth in retailers. Currenly 95% direct to consumer, BattleGround Brands, LLC is looking open up a wholesaling side of the business and sell through distibutors to liquor stores, gift shops and targeted retailers.

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