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Kickstarter Campaign Launches for All-Ages, Artistic Upkeep Board Game

CAMBRIDGE, NZ, June 1, 2020 / -- The team behind Upkeep, a strategic family board game about maintaining a clean lawn, is hoping to fund the manufacturing of their game through Kickstarter. Their goal is to raise $7,600 USD by June 22 and are offering their visually appealing game, as well as a deluxe version, at a special discount on Kickstarter.

Upkeep is an interactive board game that friends and families can play cooperatively or competitively. The game can be enjoyed by up to 4 people of all ages and takes only 30 to 60 minutes to play through.

Upkeep challenges its players to keep their yard clean of autumn leaves while traversing unusually stormy weather. Players can use their dice, helper cards, and recycling bin tiles to help them clean the lawn, but weather cards can cause more leaves to fall and make the game more difficult.

This puzzle game comes with mechanics that ensure every round of falling leaves is different than the last, offering endless opportunities for strategic thinking. Game difficulty can be controlled by the players by removing or adding storm cards, which allows the game to be casual or more intense and competitive. Given how easy it is to alter the level of difficulty, and how versatile the overall game is, Upkeep can be played in four different ways: casual, normal, competitive, and cooperative.

One of the things that separate Upkeep from other board games is its beautiful art style. Every piece of the game is meticulously designed to be bright, colorful, and eye-catching. This includes the four unique player boards, the recycling bin tiles, the player markers, the storm cards, and the gorgeous wooden tokens with maple, aspen, oak, pear, and fern leaves on them.

Each game also comes with custom dice, a discard box, a draw bag, an English rulebook with Spanish, German, Dutch, and French versions available for download, and everything else users need to play all versions of the game.

Those interested in supporting Upkeep can access pledge manager and regular updates by contributing just $1. For those who'd like their own game of Upkeep, they can receive Kickstarter-only discounts by contributing $39 for the standard game and $59 for the deluxe edition. This version also has improved materials, such as acrylic instead of wood game pieces and custom maple silkscreen artwork.

For those who would like their own digital avatar inserted into the game, they can contribute to the $199 tier and have original game pieces portraying them. Estimated delivery is December 2020 for both standard and deluxe editions.

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