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Kickstarter Campaign Launches for Italian Artisan Fashion Line

ROME, ITALY, May 25, 2020 / -- The team behind the WHERE I PIC project has started a Kickstarter campaign to help support the launch of their Italian fashion line, which depicts structures from world’s most beautiful cities, starting from Italy. They hope to raise US$13,121 by June 30, 2020, to fund the campaign.

WHERE I PIC was founded by two Italian women, an architect and a costume designer, who share an appreciation for both photography and architecture. They decided they wanted to create a product that would showcase photos starting from various Italian cities, to be extended to other cities around the world. However, rather than using stock images, they aim to use WHERE I PIC detailed pics and to support freelancers and Italian artisans for the production of the clothing line.

Each piece of WHERE I PIC clothing will feature a high-quality, professional photograph, as well as text that reveals "where I took this photo." This will allow local artisans to share the grand architectural features of their cities through detailed photographs.

This unique proposal aims to promote a deepening of cultural understanding of the architecture, landscape, and urban details. Each garment will have a QR code that will reveal in-depth information and mapping of the featured location.

WHERE I PIC's launch syncing up with the emergency period has created an opportunity to advocate for the many Italian artists and freelancers facing challenges and uncertainty. This is a brand for a post-pandemic Italy and the people living in it.

WHERE I PIC's pilot line will be dedicated to showcasing four Italian cities — Milan, Venice, Turin, and Rome. Clothing sizes include small, medium, large, XL, and XXL, and are produced with as many sustainable materials and practices as possible.

For those interested in contributing to this fashion line, there are several donation tiers to choose from. At the lowest tier, which is around $9, contributors will receive a $5.45 discount voucher. For $27, contributors also receive a WE PIC screensaver.

For contributors who want the shirts themselves, they can donate $75 for one shirt, $138 for two, and $192 for three and $305 for five (complete pilot italian line). The expected shipping time is in September 2020, but if the pandemic alters this time, WHERE I PIC will quickly update their campaign.

WHERE I PIC is soon launching an additional special reward in Kickstarter, adding t-shirt with pictures of NEW YORK, PARIS, LONDON.

This campaign serves as a tangible way of supporting the Italian freelancers and artisans who are struggling the most during this pandemic, all while showcasing their world-famous cities.

Maria Irene Cardillo
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