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New "Unsexy" Cybersecurity Product Category Launched

Turnkey Cybersecurity & Privacy Programs

Defining a New Cybersecurity Product Category

Colorado company rolls out their new cybersecurity product which also stakes its claim to a brand new "unsexy" cybersecurity product category

Our programs won't solve the problem for every company, but they will solve the problem for most of them”
— Mitch Tanenbaum
DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2020 / -- In the fast-moving technology age where we are constantly bombarded with new and dazzling (and unproven) technologies, a Colorado company has just rolled out a new cybersecurity product that is totally "unsexy" but has been proven over and over again to meet industry standards. And in so doing, in addition to rolling out their product, they have launched a new cybersecurity product category.

Ray Hutchins and Mitch Tanenbaum, owners of CyberCecurity LLC, a full-service cybersecurity and privacy consulting firm headquartered in Denver, CO spun off a new company - Turnkey Cybersecurity and Privacy Solutions LLC (TCPS). The company offers multiple "turnkey" cybersecurity and privacy programs designed for specific small to medium-sized business industries.

"Most of cybersecurity is not razzle-dazzle technology," says Hutchins. "It's rolling up your sleeves and engaging in the basic blocking and tackling which will make any company's IT infrastructure more secure. Nothing sexy about that - just work and discipline."

Tanenbaum adds, "Most clients come to us and they have no idea what they need to do in order to build and implement a professional, comprehensive cybersecurity and privacy program that complies with the NIST Cybersecurity and Privacy Frameworks...or whatever other standard they are trying to meet."

In response, the duo started building and testing their turnkey programs two years ago. "Even though we were in the middle of the cybersecurity business, building real programs that could be applied to different business scenarios quickly and cost-effectively was not easy. But our experience and deep understanding of the regulatory environment pointed the way. We knew what had to be done if folks were serious about protecting the data they were responsible for," Hutchins says.

Until now, there have been no comprehensive, turnkey cybersecurity and privacy programs that small to medium-sized businesses could use to guide and support them as they grappled with the complexities of protecting data and their IT infrastructure.

All TCPS programs provide governance, policies, awareness training, vendor security, data and system protection, incident response and last, but certainly not least, real hands-on support.

"A lot of smart people told us that it would be impossible to provide the kind of support we wanted to provide," Tanenbaum says. "But we knew from experience that clients could not implement a professional program without such support. Therefore, we made proactive support an essential, integral part of all our programs."

Hutchins and Tanenbaum say they knew something had to be done quickly because government regulators (led by the Department of Defense) are giving up on the "honor system" of enforcement. They are being forced by huge intellectual property and financial losses to come down heavier on violators of existing and impending cybersecurity and privacy regulations. And not a moment too soon.

"We need a more organized response to the attacks the country is facing. Cybersecurity is now moving from a compliance checkbox to a marketing advantage. Good security will attract more of the best customers. Our product line might not be flashy, but it's a simple and workable framework for any professional cybersecurity program," Hutchins. "Our TCPS programs give businesses a way to distinguish themselves in an unsecure world."

Mitch Tanenbaum started his cybersecurity career 30 years ago while architecting and building the cybersecurity infrastructure for Texas Instruments Defense Systems. "Ray and I take the threat to national security and our country's intellectual property seriously. We know what it takes to build a professional cybersecurity program and we have spent years baking our knowledge into our TCPS programs," Tanenbaum says. "Our programs won't solve the problem for every company, but they will solve the problem for most of them. We welcome industry experts and influencers to take a hard look at our approach and offerings. We are proud of what we have achieved and know it will make a difference for those who embrace and use our system."

All levels of the TCPS programs include the following:

1. Continuously updated program governance tools, content, processes, and procedures
2. Continuously updated training and other content
3. Reactive and proactive technical and program support
4. Vetted third-party cybersecurity tools

It's a new way of using existing technologies to attack this difficult problem. The programs are an assemblage of content, processes, vetted tools, and support - all organized within a shared, secured, and continuously updated Google environment.

"Think of our programs as a holistic approach to cybersecurity and privacy. You don't have to be an expert in cybersecurity or the compliance regulations. We help you with that," Hutchins says. "What is required is strong company leadership, along with a real commitment to allocate the time and resources required to make it happen. In our experience, this is the most cost-effective and manageable way to quickly build a professional cybersecurity program."

When asked what the new cybersecurity product category was, Hutchins replied, "Turnkey Cybersecurity and Privacy Programs. We certainly expect competitors in this very large market, but at this time and in the future, we expect to set the standard."

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