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Baseline Protocol Secures Business Process Automation Across SAP and Microsoft Dynamics Using Ethereum Public Blockchain

Open source proof-of-concept shows how to privately and securely synchronize data and business logic between companies, using the Ethereum Mainnet

The Baseline approach is a windfall for global enterprises looking to boost security and performance.”
— Alex Tapscott, co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute

BOSTON, MA, USA, May 21, 2020 / -- Today, the Baseline Protocol, an OASIS open source initiative, published a demo of multiple companies digitally managing purchase orders and volume discount agreements across disparate systems. The demo uses an approach called “baselining” to prevent data inconsistencies and workflow errors that often lead to problems in revenue recognition.

Launched in March of this year, the Baseline Protocol initiative formed as part of the Ethereum OASIS Open Project. Baseline’s goal is to accelerate the development and adoption of the Ethereum Mainnet as an always-on, tamper-resistant, low cost integration fabric. The protocol ensures the integrity of complex, confidential workflows between enterprises without moving company data out of traditional systems of record.

The procurement use case in the demo released today highlights how two Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP can maintain consistency with each other using blockchain technology without exposing information about business activities or relationships to competitors or the public. Its use of the public Mainnet reduces capital expense while increasing operational integrity when automating business processes across multiple companies.

Alex Tapscott, co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute, said "The Baseline approach is a windfall for global enterprises looking to boost security and performance. Data is secured, contracts are governed digitally and companies can collaborate seamlessly without changing their current systems. This will change how enterprises interact in a digital setting."

Several companies worked together to create the demo. Unibright extracted the domain model from the Unibright connector, set up a connection proxy to the Provide/Baseline stack and integrated SAP. Provide adapted the Baseline Protocol as a standard within the Provide stack, including its secure messaging infrastructure service. This was critical as it enabled orchestration of the baseline containers and management of key material. Envision Blockchain configured and integrated the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management business apps.

The Baseline Protocol itself is a microservice architecture, where the different components reside in three Docker containers:

Baseline Containers: Microservices providing the Baseline Protocol and Radish34 use-case, including several key enhancements (e.g., point-to-point messaging between parties, use of a generalized circuit for baselining agreements).
Provide Containers: Microservices providing identity, key management, blockchain and messaging APIs representing the translation layer for data and Baseline Protocol messages, creating the messaging infrastructure leveraged by the Baseline stack for secure point-to-point messaging.
Unibright Proxy: An extraction of the Unibright Connector (an integration platform), consisting of a simplified, context-related domain model and a RESTful API to integrate off-chain systems.

The demo’s developer package includes:

Automated setup of a baseline environment for each process participant on their own infrastructure (i.e., using the participant’s own AWS or Microsoft Azure credentials); and
A minimum domain model, following Occam’s razor principle, abstracting from the baseline targeted objects and offering a process oriented entry point for systems of record to integrate; and
Integration patterns for a system of record via a service interface.

This work is the latest project on the Baseline Protocol road-map, which builds on the initial project created in 2019 by EY, ConsenSys, and Microsoft. The work is actively being used to inform the first version of the protocol, expected in fall of 2020.

On May 27 at 12 ET, the development team will host an open walk through of the system. To sign up for the meeting, go to:

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