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Paulina Zelman - Musical Journey

Paulina Zelman is a New Yorker currently working in a law firm doing HR.What many people don't know about Paulina is that she writes and performs original songs

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, May 17, 2020 / -- Paulina Zelman

Music has always been a huge passion of Paulina’s. Every since she was really little, she would dance around to different songs. Music has been there for her through everything and continues to bring her happiness. She comes from a musical family and is grateful that they have passed down their musical genes to her.

She grew up playing piano since she was seven and then learned the trumpet in band. Afterwards, she taught herself the guitar and ukulele. She started writing poems in elementary school and that blossomed into songwriting. Music is an extremely therapeutic force that has allowed her to create and document experiences meaningful to her.

She has always been private with her original songs as sharing them publicly was out of my comfort zone. Paulina said, “Previously, there wasn’t ever a need to release one until now due to the outbreak which is affecting everyone.”

Paulina first released “Prisoner” which revolves around her feelings about the coronavirus. Recently she released two songs, “Never Gone” and “One & Only.” Overwhelmed with emotion, she wrote and performed “Never Gone” as a way to cope with her dear friend’s passing and most importantly, to document how much she means to her. “You’re never gone, your soul lives on and on and on.” “One & Only” is a simple, bubbly tune that focuses on the positive aspect of dating. Paulina has more new songs on the way!

Paulina love incorporating the different instruments she play into her songs. So far, all her songs have been live and not produced, which she believes has its own pros and cons. Each song has a distinct melody that she came up with and the words that she write all come from the heart. Paulina likes to get straight to the point and not have anything extra that could be unnecessary to the meaning of the song. So far, she has played the piano, guitar and ukulele in her songs and is looking to play the trumpet in her next song!

Lately, Paulina has been playing guitar and the ukulele though the instruments she first started off with are the piano followed by the trumpet. Her favorite instrument from all is the trumpet because she loves the sound most. She remembers how in band when she was assigned this instrument, she was so upset at first because she didn’t want to stand out. Paulina remembers, “I already blushed like a tomato and playing the trumpet made me turn even more red in front of everyone!” Eventually she fell in love and hopes to learn more instruments one day like the saxophone and drums.

Some of Paulina’s biggest musical influences include Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, QUEEN, Whitney Houston, Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys and many more.

Paulina said that performing with her middle school band was an accomplishment she will always cherish. Paulina said, “This sounds like not a big deal though getting into the school “Mark Twain for the Gifted & Talented” was highly competitive at the time. The band sounded so incredible and the band teacher was truly the best I could ask for. I’m happy to have had a positive experience in the midst of the cringy and awkward middle school days.”

 Paulina manages to balance music with her other obligations by not over extending herself in one category. For example, she plays music on some days though when she starts to get stressed out from the process, she takes a break and focuses on another hobby such as dancing. During the quarantine, Paulina is appreciative that she gets to spend more time with family as well as her hobbies. “The fact that I ended up sharing music with the world was all by accident. This was never planned. I like to call it serendipity.”

Paulina’s advice to aspiring musicians is to not have high expectations of becoming famous or rich and to live in the moment by enjoying what you love. What’s meant to be will be and the most important part is to experience the rollercoaster. Also, Paulina highly discourages comparing oneself to other musicians. Everyone has their own abilities and talents and remember that there is no one like you no matter where anyone is in their journey.

You can find Paulina’s Spotify, Soundcloud and Instagram here.

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Paulina Zelman
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Paulina Zelman - Prisoner (Original Coronavirus Song)