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Columbia University Obstructs COVID-19 Victims’ Assistance Amid $650,000 Bribery Scandal & $12.8 Million Dollars Payment

Columbia University, after receiving $12.8 million dollars in COVID-19 assistance, refuses arbitration with non-profit committed to assisting COVID-19 victims

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2020 / -- Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger has refused to complete expressly agreed arbitration with American United for Equal Justice (AUEJ) Founder, Randy S. Raghavendra, to resolve the continuing $650,000 attorney bribery scandal so that AUEJ could devote its full attention to the urgent need of the COVID-19 victims in New York and across the United States.

Raghavendra requested the completion of the expressly agreed arbitration without being forced to engage in further unnecessary and expensive litigation regarding obvious arbitration fraud, institutionalized racial discrimination, and bribery. However, the wealthy Columbia -- after receiving an arguably undeserving $12.8 million dollars for COVID-19 relief provided by the Federal CARES Act -- appears to be eager to only engage in additional frivolous litigation and abusing its extrajudicial connections for suppressing the basic constitutional rights of thousands of Blacks and other minorities both in and outside Columbia.

Unlike Harvard and other wealthy ivy league universities, by not rejecting any COVID-19 dollars, Columbia has further deprived the struggling minority-owned small businesses and non-profits, such as AUEJ, in New York City and elsewhere their ability to aid and assist the already struggling COVID-19 victims.

Raghavendra had founded AUEJ and VictimsFight.Com website as the first non-profit to assist low-income victims of illegal discrimination, harassment, and unsafe working conditions of low-income employees and tenants including those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previously, Raghavendra was a highly respected former senior management analyst at Columbia with two masters degrees and over twenty five years of professional accomplishments. He has alleged that Bollinger first unlawfully fired him in retaliation for his lawful attempts to organize an anti-discrimination minority employees association at the 265-years old ivy league. Later, Columbia bribed his own one-of-six-cases attorney, Louis Stober, to commit fraud and hijack all of his four pending actions including a jury-trial ready employment discrimination action in New York State Court, in which Bollinger was required to publicly testify, and an impending at least $200 million dollars class action on behalf of potentially thousands of victims of institutionalized racial discrimination at Columbia.

By bribing Stober and abusing his extrajudicial connections in the Manhattan federal courts, Bollinger has been attempting to fraudulently convert even the $650,000 back-pay damages awarded by famed labor arbitrator, Martin Scheinman, into attorney bribe payments without paying Raghavendra and or his non-profit a single penny of the initial arbitration award.

The father of three minor children, while going through his own extraordinary COVID-19 related financial struggles, pointed that Bollinger hired attorneys of the Proskauer Rose firm to collude and bribe Stober to betray him (Stober’s own client) and to exploit Stober’s extrajudicial connections to some federal court judges for masterminding the $650,000 elaborate fraud and bribery scheme. Previously, in 2003, Bollinger had also used the same Proskauer Rose firm to successfully intimidate even the former Head of Equal Opportunity at Columbia, Zenobia White-Farrell, a Black woman, by filing a frivolous counter-suit for forcing the withdrawal of her class action on behalf of hundreds of victims of institutionalized racial discrimination at Columbia.

The 59-years old civil rights activist is now appealing to various elected officials, including New York City Mayor Bill Deblasio, to intervene and end the institutionalized discrimination practices of Bollinger and to stop using some fake affirmative action programs as a smoke-screen.

Court complaints (Case No. 19-cv-53, EDNY) filed by Raghavendra allege that Bollinger had bribed his own attorney Stober to fraudulently induce him to sign an incomplete arbitration contract only to convert the $650,000 back-pay damages already awarded by labor arbitrator Scheinman into attorney bribe payments based on his extrajudicial connections to a jurisdiction-lacking Manhattan federal judge, Paul A, Crotty, who allowed Stober to commit repeated perjury and fraud against his own client with impunity in exchange for bogus payments by Columbia. Judicial misconduct and criminal complaints were also filed with the 2nd Circuit Appeals court and New York State Attorney General.

Stober,who withdrew representation after being Raghavendra’s one-of-six-cases attorney for a mere forty hours, had previously bragged about his extrajudicial connections in the Manhattan federal court. Stober’s neighbor in Garden City, Long Island, is also a Manhattan federal court and had known Judge Crotty for several decades and from the time he was New York City corporation counsel.

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