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Kickstarter Campaign Launches Reusable Product That Protects Against Air Pollution

LONDON, UK, May 13, 2020 / -- According to the World Health Organization, one in nine deaths worldwide are caused in part by exposure to air pollution. To counteract the dangerous effects of air pollution, the team behind Nosy has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund its air filtering device, a comfortable and eco-friendly alternative to face masks.

Nosy is an air filtration device to be worn over the nose. Unlike the mask worn over the mouth, it doesn't muffle speech, it doesn't make eating difficult, it can be worn by those with facial hair — which breaks the seal of N95 masks, and it is more environmentally friendly due to its reusability.

Approximately 92 percent of cities worldwide fall short of the WHO air quality standards. Given that continued exposure to air pollution increases the likelihood of developing lung cancer, heart disease, and chronic respiratory illnesses, Nosy is ideal for people living in cities and for frequent travelers.

Nosy is lightweight, resilient and adjustable for every nose type. Its shockproof magnetic attachment system ensures that it will fit comfortably on the user's nose without slipping or becoming too tight. This user-friendly design is made to be as eco-friendly as possible with its sustainable filters, reusable shell, and ethical manufacturing process.

This product is both a lifesaving device and a versatile accessory. Its angular design complements every nose shape, and it comes in a variety of colors to suit the user's skin tone and personal style. There's the Onyx, a soft matte black; the Matilda, a gorgeous rose gold; and Blanche, which has a matte white finish. There are also Limited Edition colors — metallic gold and metallic silver.

The team behind Nosy is hoping to raise US$27,970 through its Kickstarter campaign by June 1, 2020. The raised funds will go towards making Nosy accessible to people around the world.

Contributors can choose from several pledge tiers that come with rewards. The lowest tier, which is about $56 for the early bird special and then $69 for the remainder of the campaign, comes with one Nosy and ten filters.

Each filter lasts up to 100 hours of use and can be worn for a week. Nosy's filters are a bargain when compared to other replaceable filters costing between £0.01 to £0.02 per hour of use depending on the quantity purchased. For those interested in getting two Nosys, they can choose the $103 tier, which comes with 20 filters for 2,000 hours of continued use. Contributors can get three Nosys for $137; five Nosys, 50 filters, and two hand-printed t-shirts for the $441 tier; and other rewards up to $1,675. If the project reaches its goal, the rewards will be shipped anywhere in the world starting in September 2020.

For those concerned about the damaging effects of air pollution, there's no better time than now to get behind this eco-friendly alternative to anit-pollution masks.

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