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Extraordinary Comfort with Apixt Underwear for a Total Drawer Update

LONG BEACH, CA, USA, May 11, 2020 / -- Apixt has come up with a new men’s underwear line, which assures extraordinary comfort, style, and also amazing performance with its eco-friendly moisture-absorbent plush fabric infused with antimicrobial silver ions.

Forget sweaty, itchy underwear. Forget frustrating underwear waistband rolls or cut-ins. A Long Beach-based business, Apixt, has recently launched an innovative men’s underwear line on Kickstarter that comes with eco-friendly moisture-absorbent fabric to prevent unwanted sweat and itch when worn for a long time. Made in Europe with care, these next-gen undies are also intelligently designed to prevent waistband rolls or cut-ins.

Apixt undies claim to be a unique blend of performance, comfort, and style. Users will be able to choose from the options of briefs, trunk, and boxers.

The USP of Apixt men’s undies is its eco-friendly fabric. The underwear is made from 47% Soy Protein fiber, 46% Modal fiber, and 7% Elastane. Often dubbed as the “vegetable cashmere,” Soy fabric is famous for its soft and luxurious texture. Modal fabric is derived from the Beech tree, making our collection amazingly luxurious, silky smooth, and lightweight.

“Fabric is the most crucial aspect of Apixt underwear, and we have devoted our maximum attention to that department chiefly. We have strategically chosen Soy and Modal fabrics after extensive research as we found that the blend of both the fabrics equips our undies with the much desired and our signature body-hugging properties. Our undies will contour themselves as per the user’s specific body type to ensure optimum possible comfort”, stated Tim Henderson, Co-founder.

Another major factor that separates Apixt undies from regular ones is the infusion of the revolutionary Silverplus® technology, which carries convenient moisture-absorbing qualities. The technology involves silver ions to keep moisture and odor-causing bacteria at bay so users can enjoy a comfortable dry and no-smelly wear.

“Our Apixt underwear are infused with unique Silverplus® technology which fights bacteria, reduces sweat, and also regulates temperature. The result is dry fresh underwear that doesn’t cause any unwanted sweat, odor, or itchiness even after a long tiring day.”

Silver is the only metal that contains antimicrobial properties and is also non-toxic to humans. Silverplus® deploys free silver ions, which prevents bonding of bacteria (necessary for their survival) and destroys the possibility of their survival.

Speaking further, the spokesperson emphasized on the “green” quotient of the Apixt underwear. Unlike regular undies, the advanced Apixt ones will stay fresh even at low-temperature washes, and users won’t need high-temperature washes or strong detergents to clean them. It ensures less consumption of water or soap, which eventually helps in the conservation of natural resources.

“Apixt underwear is all geared to set a bar in the scene of men’s underwear soon and for all the great reasons. It’s just the thing that all men have been waiting for long. At present, we are looking for mass production, which calls for robust financial backup. Hence, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Apixt underwear to life and make things wee easier for all men out there.”

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Apixt Underwear
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