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US, Qatar, Korea and Italy Topped Black Tie COVID-19 Online Charity Gala, LIVE from NYC

Italian Celebrity Designer Angelo Galasso and Fashion Model and Musician Raquel Aurilia support April 30 Bervann Foundation and Corona Opportunity Fund COVID-19 Online Charity Gala to fight Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)

Raquel Aurilia and Angelo Galasso | April 30 COVID-19 Online Charity GALA

LIVE Event in support of the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)

Coronavirus Online Charity Gala

United States, Qatar, South Korea and Italy among the most represented countries at April 30 Bervann Foundation and Corona Opportunity Fund COVID-19 Online Charity Gala

US, Qatar, South Korea and Italy | Bervann Foundation and Corona Opportunity Fund COVID-19 Online Charity Gala

An Impressive Roster of Investors, Medical Experts and Celebrities from ASIA, Middle East, Europe, Africa and North America assembled by Bervann Foundation.

Qatar will always be A Friend of the World; In times like these it's only natural that we support each other and strive to advance our cross border collaboration with existing and new partners.”
— Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti, Founding Principal AJ Holdings Qatar
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2020 / -- Many thought it was silly, No one would do it, What is this again?... The idea that a bunch of people would dress up, turn on their computers and join a LIVE Gala... But it was NOT, folks actually bought in and showed up BIG time from all over the world. Bervann Foundation through its recently launched Corona Opportunity Fund put on a great show last Thursday April 30, LIVE from New York City.

The event advertised as "COVID-19 Online Charity GALA" was organized by Bervann Foundation in partnership with Bervann Capital, Corona Opportunity Fund, Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), Invest KOREA, Lauren Berger Collection and the Italian Celebrity Designer Angelo Galasso. The evening was co-hosted by Stefanie Crosby (CEO of Triumspear International), Val Nzhie (COO of Bervann Capital) and Caroline Codsi (President of Women in Governance).

The LIVE Gala aimed to rally Celebrities, Investors, Medical Experts and Business Executives to hold Constructive, Pragmatic and Positively Oriented exchanges on the current state of affairs and join a Fundraiser Auction in support of critical initiatives already in motion by Corona Opportunity Fund amid its aggressive fight against COVID-19. The items for Auction were graciously donated by the Italian Celebrity Designer ANGELO GALASSO and the Queen of Hospitality LAUREN BERGER of the LAUREN BERGER COLLECTION.

At a time when Tuning in most medias feel like nearing the end of times, Bervann Foundation staged this Gala to Shift the narrative from depression to Hope and encourage more people to join the active fight against COVID-19. The evening included A fundraiser Auction in support of the Corona Opportunity Fund' mission (Donations of Medical and Personal Protective Equipment to Hospitals and Care centers; Massive Awareness Campaign #Maskup and #BeatSecondWave; Donations and Sales at affordable rate of non-medical face masks to prevent a second wave of infections; Strategic support and Funding to Biotech and Pharmaceuticals companies with advanced drugs towards a Vaccine or Therapy).

The night started with Observing a moment of silence in honor of all the victims of COVID-19 around the world, followed by a Welcome address by the foundation. Francisco Sanchez, former US Undersecretary of Commerce spoke on Coronavirus Impact on the US and Latin America. Daphna Ziman, President and Co-chairman of CINEMOI spoke on the Power of Media amid Quarantine and advocated for a More Conscientious Media. KOTRA, Invest KOREA offered a special treat to the audience by referring 2 of their Top Medical experts K. Stephen Suh, Former President of KSEA (Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association) and Jung-Hoon Woo, Former Head of KHIDI USA (Korea Health Industry Development Institute - Affiliated with Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea) to share some strategic insights on how South Korea successfully managed to beat the Coronavirus pandemic without imposing a Lockdown.

Jake Bisenius, President and Chief Investment Officer of Amcap Incorporated spoke on the incentives and sustainability of Grocery-Anchored Real Estate. US BioPharma Experts Dr. Larry Altstiel (Neuroscience Expert - Former VP and Head of Neuroscience Clinical Research at Pfizer), Dr. Cohava Gelber (Founder, Executive Chairperson & CEO of Serpin Pharma) and Dr. John H. Abeles (Healthcare Investor - Founder & Executive Chairman of Northlea Partners) ran a panel on the BioPharma Response to COVID-19 (How far are we from a Vaccine or Therapy)?

Qatar AJ Holdings Founding Principal Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti walked the audience through DOHA's response to Coronavirus and the current approach of Qatari investors. Ghia Griarte (Managing Partner, Ponte Partners - Former Member of the Board of Trustees of the San Jose Police and Fire Retirement Plan) shared her read on Asset Allocation amid Covid-19, Shifts and Volatility in the institutional space. Gayatri Sarkar (Managing Partner of HYPE CAPITAL VC FUND) spoke on the balance of interests between Venture Capital and Entrepreneurs during the pandemic.

H.E. Ms Sania A. Ansari (Chairperson of Ansari Group Ltd.) hosted a panel on Coronavirus Cross Border Impact in South ASIA, Europe and Gulf Region. Among the panelists, Mark Kellett (Global CEO of KELTECH IOT NETWORKS) joining from London, UK spoke on the European Response to COVID-19; From Pakistan, Senator Bibi Yasmeen Shah (Former Senator who served on the Petroleum and Natural Resources Committee of Pakistan) spoke on Coronavirus Impact on South Asia and the situation in Pakistan; And Hussein Al Sayed (Host of the Popular TV show Bursat Al Alam at CNBC ARABIA) spoke on COVID-19 Impact on the Gulf.

Celebrity Fashion Model and Musician Raquel Aurilia lifted up the audience with a Heartfelt performance LIVE from Phoenix, Arizona.

The event was segmented by Breakout sessions, allowing attendees to connect in small groups to initiate relationships and familiarize on a more private setting.

Among the fun moments was PUNCH FIVE - a virtual toast in victory against Coronavirus; Stefanie Crosby led the action by opening a Mumm Napa Rose from her Montreal residence, followed by all the other attendees who raised a glass of whatever drink they had available in their quarantine spot, that was quite fun!

The night ended with an Appeal from the Andrea Bocelli Foundation working with Bervann Foundation to support Italy during this difficult season and a Thank you note by Val Nzhie, Chief Operating Officer of Bervann Capital and Head of Global Operations of Corona Opportunity Fund.

Bervann Capital is a NY investment company leading a global ecosystem of investors combining over $3 trillion assets under management. Since March 2020, the company has devoted most of its resources to support its non-profit arm Bervann Foundation. On March 22, Bervann launched Corona Opportunity Fund (COF), a global initiative aiming to rally companies, investors, celebrities and medical experts to support local and foreign governments in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. COF has a target impact of 60% (North America), 30% (Italy, Spain and Africa) and 10% (Rest of the world - Opportunistic assistance). To support the mission of Bervann Foundation and Corona Opportunity Fund, you may participate in the Charity Auction or make a direct donation through the foundation's website:

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Bervann Foundation COVID-19 Relief Auction Donated by ANGELO GALASSO and LAUREN BERGER COLLECTION