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Judee Fehsenfeld Discusses the Positive Effects of Noetic Field and Self Forgiveness Therapy on Mood and Mental Health

Judee Fehsenfeld

Judee Fehsenfeld

WILLSONVILLE, OREGON, USA, April 18, 2020 / -- Corporate Executive Officer of Theta Wholeness Center Judee Fehsenfeld recently discussed the positive effects of Noetic Field and Self Forgiveness Therapy on mental health and overall mood.

Corporate Executive Officer of the Theta Wholeness Center in Wilsonville, Ore., Judee Fehsenfeld, discussed the positive effects of noetic therapy with an audience on the morning of Tuesday, March 24. The Theta Whole Center, founded by Judee Fehsenfeld, helps patients through state-of-the-art therapy practices and multiple technologies. Judee Fehsenfeld explains that the center's Noetic Field and Self Forgiveness therapies are designed to help remove energy blocks and align the mind, body, and heart with a higher Divine Self. These therapies can also clarify psychological confusion.

"Health or psychological issues are often accompanied by crippling amounts of anxiety," Judee Fehsenfeld said. "Fortunately, interventions of the mind, body, and spirit, can relieve stress, uplift the mood, and improve overall mental health."

Judee Fehsenfeld, a head therapist at the Theta Wholeness Center in Wilsonville, explains that noetic therapies can show improvements in mental health in mood in other situations too. Items like the center's specially-designed Float Tank are used to invoke feelings of calm, tranquility, and relaxation that patients can carry with them throughout life.

"Stress-reduction and elevated mood are two improvements nearly all of us can use in our lives," Judee Fehsenfeld said. "These are things we as noetic therapists offer that can help patients have better lives at home, at work, and everywhere in between."

Noetic therapy experts like Judee Fehsenfeld express that the goal is to help the world understand that the science of consciousness can greatly improve the human experience in terms of anxiety and stress management, lifted mood, and more. She states that as time and research progresses, it is becoming more obvious than ever that conscious-based interventions are effective.

"There are a wide variety of options out there in the noetic sciences world to help calm the mind, reduce stress, and promote a healthier and happier lifestyle," Judee Fehsenfeld said. "We're excited that researchers are discovering this, and we're looking forward to even more studies being performed throughout the remainder of 2020 and beyond."

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Judee Fehsenfeld