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The Theta Chamber - Judee Fehsenfield Creating New Brain Paths for Healing

WILSONVILLE, OREGON, UNITES STATES OF AMERICA, March 16, 2020 / -- WILSONVILLE, OREGON/EIN/March 16, 2020/CEO and Head therapist of Theta Wholeness Center, Judee Fehsenfeld, presents the Theta Chamber.

People who have suffered with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction usually undergo months, if not years, of therapy to recover and be able to live a quality life. Even years later, triggers can create a debilitating event or period of time in those recovering. That is why Judee Fehsenfield, the CEO and Head Therapist of The Theta Wholeness Center, is proud to announce a revolutionary product now in use at The Theta Wholeness Center. Judee Fehsenfeld says of her field of work, 'What has been particularly challenging to me is the number of people who are suffering from anxiety , depression, insomnia, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, learning difficulties and addiction'. The Theta Chamber may be the answer. 

Being one of only 12 in the nation, The Theta Chamber at Theta Wholeness Center, is the result of 25 years of research. Its purpose is to radically heal in minutes versus months or years. Those are big claims but certainly real ones. The chamber is a revised state of the art edition of another such chamber called the Omega Brain 5000, developed in 1989 by Loran Swensen. The premise is that the patient is moved into a relaxed state and certain stimuli are used to redirect the brain to another pathway. Judee Fehsenfeld, a member of the Noetic Practitioners, believes strongly that the brain affects much of our ability to heal. Judee Fehsenfeld uses methods of inner awareness and self-healing to resolve issues, a holistic approach. 

Patients enter the pod-like device, lay down on a comfortable mat, are equipped with headphones, eye protection and are given an emergency button to push. The chamber is closed and the patient will experience no pain. Subtle pulses will be played through the patient's headphones that will bring the mind to a state of relaxation. Next, a series of lights will be flashed accompanied by sound patterns. The computer generated combination creates an atmosphere that opens the brain to changed thoughts and healing rhythms. Microcurrent signaling which is small, painless electrical currents are added to increase serotonin, dopamine and other neurotransmitters. New pathways of thinking are generated and old, destructive habits destroyed. 

While this isn't a one time treatment, changes can occur in just a few visits. The Theta Chamber is safe, affordable and approved by the FDA. The facts behind the technology are science-based and supervised by medical personnel. A patient can be healed of a plethora of problems including drug or substance abuse, smoking, pornography, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. Patients who have tried and failed at recovery through other methods have experienced complete healing. As the head therapist at Theta Wholeness Center, Judee Fehsenfeld, highly recommends the Theta Chamber.  

Words From Juddee Fehsenfeld About The Theta Chamber
In a recent interview, Juddee Fehsenfeld is quoted as saying 'The brain optimization and body regeneration that the Theta Chamber offers, helps our own body and brain chemistry re- balance and re-program the altered pathways that have become dysfunctional, in a healthy and safe way, and is very effective and has a lot of scientific research behind it.' 

As CEO and head therapist of Theta Wellness Centers, Juddee Fehsenfeld, has had opportunity to see many patients grasp a quality life, rather than constant struggle, through the use of this life-changing technology. It provides hope for those in crisis. 

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