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A Recording To Remember Tunes Composed In Childhood

"Phibsboro Suite" by Krunchie Killeen Recalls Tunes He Composed When He Was 10

DUBLIN, IRELAND, April 18, 2020 / -- “Phibsboro Suite” a new recording by Krunchie Killeen recalls two tunes he composed when he was 10 years old. One was a lullaby for his new baby sister; the other “A Man With A Can,” wistfully explored what a life on the road as a tramp would be like. He worked the tunes out on a tin-whistle he had got for Christmas a few months previously.

Krunchie’s mother had just brought a new baby into the home. Krunchie took his turn with the other four existing siblings rocking the cradle for the new baby. Actually, it was not a cradle but a pram, and was either wheeled back and forth, or the brake applied and rocked up and down by the handle. Krunchie composed his own lullaby as he took his turn rocking.

His mother’s lullaby was, he considered, rather poor. Her words were:

“Go to sleep, my baby. Close your weary eyes. Wipe the tear, my baby dear, from your eyes.”

Krunchie’s words were:

The Dreary Night is drawing near,
So, go to sleep, my baby dear;
Come, wipe the tear-drop from your eye,
And go-o to slee-eep, without a sigh.

Tra La, La la, La la, la-la-la La, La La.

O Baby Dear, why do you weep?
Why do you not go off to sleep?
Then happiness and joy’d be yours,
For all the dreary dark night hours.

At the time, he was only getting used to the tin whistle, a Clarke’s black whistle in the key of C. He found reading music to be very difficult, and was hopeless at “playing by ear.” So, he found it easier to make up his own simple tunes.

He could play the first five notes of the scale (Do Ray Me Fah So) easily enough, but the next three notes were awkward, since they involved lifting the fingers of the second hand. His first tune, therefore, used only the first five notes. He wrote down the notes in tonic solfa (which he learned at school), as follows:

sf m- mr d- dr m- fm r-
rr s- fm r- dr m--
sf m- mr d- dr m- fm r-
rr s- fm r- mr d—

Soon, he put words to this tune, which he called “A Man With A Can:”

There’s a man with a can,
With and old billy can;
And he lives all his life by the road.
Now, that man with the can,
With the old billy can:
He’s a tramp from his birth I am told.

Now my heart’s with that man
With the old billy can,
As he travels Ireland on the road;
He’s no burdens or care,
And he’s in the fresh air
And it’s wherever he likes that he goes.

While Krunchie played these tunes on the whistle, in his head they sounded as if played on the grand organ of St Peter’s Church, Phibsboro, where he had been a choir-boy since the age of 7. In recording the two tunes as “Phibsboro Suite,” he decided to recall the tunes as he had heard them in his head, so they are recorded in instrumental form, rather than sung, and reflect the grand-organ sound of the church organ.

The recording has been released on Spotify and the other streaming services.The YouTube version includes slides of photos taken recently around Phibsboro, reflecting the area where Krunchie grew up.

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