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HousingFirst Lab is Offering Anyone Who Wants to Give Back an Easy and Effective Way to Help Those in Need to Stay Home

Please consider helping our most vulnerable neighbors

HousingFirst Lab is a unique incubator that unites data, resources, and talent across sectors to end homelessness.

HousingFirst Lab unites data, resources, and talent across sectors to end homelessness.

We are living in the Giving Economy. With so many companies giving up what they normally do to manufacture PPE, others are looking for ways to give back as well

We are here to support the most vulnerable among us during this crisis. If you don't need your stimulus check, they do.”
— Austan Mogharabi, Executive Director of HousingFirst Lab

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2020 / -- With nearly the entire U.S. population under an unprecedented "stay at home" order, one organization is asking, "how do you stay home when you don't have a home?" And this resonated with us in a profound way.

HousingFirst Lab is united with the rest of the world in asking people to wash hands, stay home, and practice strict social distancing -- and yet one of the most vulnerable populations amongst us are least able to follow these guidelines.

The nation’s homeless shelters and food pantries are currently overcrowded and limiting services, as the COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed this support system. Not only are people experiencing homelessness most susceptible to complications or death as a result of this disease, but they are the least able to follow CDC guidelines to prevent infection. According to research, an unsheltered individual infected by the novel coronavirus would be twice as likely to be hospitalized, up to four times as likely to require critical care, and two to three times as likely to die than the general population.

This crisis has also put in jeopardy the housing stability of millions of Americans. Data shows that 71 percent of low-income earners already spend more than half of their income on rent, and with so many service industry jobs affected by this pandemic, these renters will be at significant risk.

While we know millions of Americans have been deeply affected by layoffs and temporary business closures during this unprecedented pandemic response, there are also millions who have maintained good job security and are looking for ways to give back. Please help us provide emergency housing and food assistance to our most vulnerable neighbors by donating to this unique opportunity to help. Nationally only 1 percent of philanthropic donations go to end homelessness, and HousingFirst Lab is helping provide eviction support and keeping communities safe during this time of need.

Americans began receiving their coronavirus stimulus payments as recently as April 9, and those with bank accounts on file with the government and lower-income households will get their checks first, the agency plan says. However, this is a chance for those looking to give back to invest in our neighbors and the most vulnerable now.

"This crisis is bigger than any one of us,” said Austan Mogharabi, Executive Director of HousingFirst Lab. “This is a moment for all of us to come together and help each other through these challenging times, as we are already seeing from coast to coast. HousingFirst Lab started this campaign to do our part. But the campaign isn't about's about giving all the people who want to help, but aren't sure how, an effective way to support the most vulnerable."

Why invest in an organization like HousingFirst Lab? Because improved core organizations help existing resources go further.

HousingFirst Lab does things a little bit differently -- acting as an incubator of sorts, helping existing organizations increase effectiveness, overcome hurdles of doing business, and connect with private sector resources that want to join the cause. They unite robust data, resources, and talent across sectors to end homelessness, keeping none of the money for themselves. HousingFirst Lab (HFL) unites data, resources, and talent across sectors to help end homelessness. HFL identifies the organizational barriers limiting homeless and housing agencies’ outcomes, and connects them to the best private sector resources available to overcome these barriers. This unique model generates systems-level change by collecting and communicating data in a clear and approachable manner to remove barriers to involvement, identify bottlenecks, and leverage resources to scale programs in the housing and homelessness space.

Research has shown that inefficient processes can cost non-profits up to 30 percent of their donation-based income, and Housing First Lab goes after this problem. “Organizational inefficiencies come with a high cost...” says The Bridgespan Group, “Lower potential for making progress toward the societal challenges and opportunities nonprofits seek to address.” In the last two decades as solutions have been proven to work, we’ve been unable to scale those solutions to improve results year over year. HFL looks for innovative solutions to magnify impact and actually affect these numbers and reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness.

According to The Urban Institute, “How resources are used is often a critical factor in rapidly changing environments. Upgrading skills and revamping established procedures can help stretch limited resources.” This is why Housing First Lab is asking for your help. With all 50 states currently under emergency declarations for the first time in U.S. history, the unsheltered have never been more vulnerable. As the government sends stimulus checks to millions of Americans, consider if you can spare that check (or part of it) to help the most at risk in our society.

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With all 50 states currently under emergency declarations for the first time in U.S. history, the unsheltered have never been more vulnerable. According to the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, “People experiencing homelessness -- like all people -- need the safety and stability of a home to best address challenges and pursue opportunities.” Housing First is a homelessness solution that quickly connects people to permanent housing. We provide immediate access to permanent housing without precondition. By ensuring consumer choice and self-determination, we are able to provide longer lasting results, with a focus on individualized, client-driven support and recovery orientation.

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