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Grace Episcopal Church COVID-19 Miracles

Grace Episcopal Church

Grace Episcopal Church is Praying for You

There is Hope - Baptism with Fr. Chip

In the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, Grace Episcopal Church in White Plains, NY reveals new small miracles and is moving forward to serve others.

WHITE PLAINS, NY, US, April 13, 2020 / -- Grace/La Gracia Episcopal Church is witnessing small miracles despite the covid-19 pandemic. Grace Church is a nearly 200-year-old Anglo-Catholic parish located in White Plains, NY; and it now sees opportunities and hope despite the horrific covid-19 statistics. Several small miracles have begun at this parish.

The Rev. Dr. Chip Graves, rector of Grace Church, realizes several new initiatives (small miracles) that have begun at Grace Church despite the covid-19 pandemic statistics that include too many infections, too many deaths, not enough medical supplies, and so much more. He shares that it's difficult everywhere you look - medical challenges, financial challenges and depression. However, he declares that there is hope in Jesus Christ, knowing that somehow and in some way we will get through this horrific exercise. He shares a theme expressed at Grace Church - Keep Safe - Keep the Faith - and Carry on.

While many institutions are reeling and falling back, Grace Church moves forward in new and unexpected ways. They have increased their weekly worship services from 4 to 6. Their Sunday attendance has swelled to over 2,000, reaching new friends from across the globe, due to their live streaming on Face Book. Grace Church has expanded its pastoral care by reaching out (phone and email) to their 500 members each week, reminding them that they are loved by Grace Church and God almighty.

Grace Church has also formed a new free delivery service of groceries for members- those unable to shop; and therfore in great need. Grace Church realized that nearly 100 of their 500 members have become newly unemployed and therefore in dire need of food. Once again, Grace Church members have taken a stand and have formed partnerships with the local mayor (Tom Roach), county commissioner (George Latimer) and other local agencies/foodb banks to develop a redistribution of groceries in their church parking lot.

Grace Church continues to expand upon their outreach partnerships with Lifting Up Westchester and Downtown Music. Lifting Up Westchester is a $14 million annual budget non-profit with a myriad of services to include feeding programs (Grace's Kitchen located in Grace Church), a women's shelter (Samaritan House located in Grace Church), a men's shelter (Open Arms), education programs for young and mature, and in-home services. Lifting Up Westchester continues to thrive under the leadership of their executive director, Anahaita Kotval.

Downtown Music is a non-profit that provides free weekly music concerts at Grace Church. Downtown Music supports musicians from all over the world and is led by their executive director, Tim Lewis, a world class organist and former Director of Music at Grace Church. Grace Church has been blessed with member leadership and strong community parterships.

Although the covid-19 pandemic has been devestating, Grace Church moves forward and continues to pray for, not only its members, but for the entire world. Grace Church invites all people to join them. Grace Church calls out to anyone who wants to be a part of their family. All are welcome, no exceptions.

If someone needs a prayer, they are invited to contact Grace Church.

Keep Safe - Keep the Faith - Cary On.

Rev. Dr. Chip Graves
Grace/La Gracia Episcopal Church
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