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Lewis Novel Counters Current Dystopian Literary Trends, Posits Positive Future

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, April 13, 2020 / -- Movies, television, novels and short stories have relentlessly focused on one genre for almost a generation now — dystopianism. Plots revolving around mass death and destruction, or a world based on evil principles, have grown popular and plentiful.

Brian Lewis, a 32-year-old writer from Raleigh, North Carolina, recently completed a novel, Farima, that bucks these trends. His goals lie in writing a compelling story that also aims to inspire faith in the future. Lewis' novel shares stories of how advances in technology, social policy and more will create a better world for all.

After Farima, Lewis plans to write a longer series of books set in the same universe. He also hopes that Farima’s success will lead to higher interest in a more hopeful genre of fiction.

Indiegogo Fundraising to Defer Publishing Costs

Because publication costs can be steep, Lewis has created an Indiegogo account so that potential readers can help to get the book printed and distributed. Donors can choose from categories ranging from a $2 supporter to a $500 founder.

Those contributing at least $5 can receive an e-book version. When supporters donate $300 or more, they will be created as a character in an upcoming book in the series.

Lewis pledges that the book will be released once it receives its illustrations and cover art. Much of the money raised will help to promote and distribute the book to the largest possible market.

An Engaging Tale

Farima’s story takes place in both a solarpunk and Afrofuturistic style. It centers around a country called New Manden that was built on a man-made island and has embraced collectivism and technology.

In this fantasy realm, scientists have created a way for man to escape mortality. Those involved, however, have secrets and agendas of their own that could unravel everything.

Lewis plans to expand the story and its universe beyond one book, providing a compelling reason for readers to both support and also read his works. Also, he has a more personal reason for creating this world for his readers. The book “represents my opportunity to give to other readers what so many other creators have given to me. A beautiful world to escape to and get lost in,” he says.

Check out Brian Lewis’s Indiegogo fundraising page to learn more about Farima.

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