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Bervann Capital launches #CoronaOpportunity: Turning into Good what was meant for evil

Coronavirus #CoronaOpportunity Bervann Capital

Fighting Coronavirus with #CoronaOpportunity

Companies, Fund Managers, Asset managers, Governments

Erasing Coronavirus by Supporting Fundraising

#CoronaOpportunity Bervann Capital

Overcoming Coronavirus with Online Pitch to investors

Supporting Companies and Fund managers in Fundraising at #Zero upfront cost.

We command the outpouring support of investors who are applying the "RFR" - Review, Fund or Refer. We are pleased to extend the Online Pitch Month until April 30 to allow more parties to participate.”
— Val Nzhie, Chief Operating Officer at Bervann Capital
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2020 / -- Purposely intended to isolate and break us, this crisis actually brought us together more than ever: The people of the world have all come to terms with the truth that we are all just humans, there is more to life than possessions and our respective privileges all have limit to what God alone can control.

While we are tempted and lured by depression, feeding ourselves with dark-ending narratives and hopeless outcomes, it is important to know that times of unforeseen challenges always hide tremendous Growth opportunities: This should not be a time of panic, self-doubt or finger pointing; This is a time of inward and outward evolvement. Seeing beyond the physical evolution of the crisis and various media outlets' reporting, you have in you the ability to find "Your Opportunity" - the opportunity to grow and thrive through this setback, the opportunity to grow or diversify in your line of work, the opportunity to find that niche angle you never went for, the opportunity to refocus your business, the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and take chances, the opportunity to rethink your whole agenda and game plan.

Besides our career and professional interests, this is a huge opportunity to reconnect on a personal and social levels. This is a time to check on others and reset friendship and relationship meters. This is a time to find within you what is it you can do to lend a hand or an idea, to be there for others. Through digital tools, we are now able to walk the walk globally within seconds, from Australia to Japan, from Qatar to Canada, from Africa to the US, from Italy to Russia...WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER...Let's take advantage of this to grow and evolve to a better global community that will be way more prosperous post crisis if we embrace the challenge.

At Bervann Capital, we have changed the narrative to positive by replacing the "V" by "O" and have now been referring to this crisis as #CoronaOpportunity, turning into Good what was meant for evil.

In our industry (investment), we understand the challenges faced by companies, governments, fund and asset managers to raise capital for ongoing projects and offerings. We have been blessed to be among the most introduced companies in North America and are pleased to lend a hand by helping as many entities to connect to sources of capital as our abilities and resources allow. Our team is reviewing as many opportunities and offerings as possible, and connecting as many companies and managers to as many investors as we can. We are pleased to see the outpouring responses from the investors community eager to RFR (Review Opportunities, Fund them or Refer them to a colleague more suitable).

We understand how challenging our respective situations can be, but we recall that the "market" is an assemblage of parties electing to do business together. If people agree to do business and remain active in transacting among themselves, the market value definitely rises up. Electing to stay put is NOT the best option when it comes to private markets. This is a time for Great opportunities when lifetime friendships and relationships are built as folks who go to war together keep that bond forever, a time when common investors who usually don't have access to high-profile opportunities mainly controlled by highly sophisticated investors are now considered in major co-investments...

We are taking the fight to Corona by keeping the flame lighting. We are the ones to decide not to do business, our ability to generate wealth and strengthen creative minds that move the world for better CANNOT be halted by an ill-motivated disease. Together, we will overcome this by all doing our part in our respective areas of influence.

We are reviewing hundreds of opportunities daily, and speaking with dozens of investors hourly. We encourage Companies and Managers to submit their offerings, and we urge Investors to request access to the deal flow portal at:

We also encourage you (reading now) to take a deep look into your life, your surrounding and your line of work and find your Opportunity to serve and support others through your time and resources. This is a time of serving, giving and supporting. Through extending yourself to others, you will actually grow beyond self-expectations.

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