Love for Learning and the Mindset of Community Involvement

ACS Athens

ACS Athens President Dr. Peggy Pelonis speaks about innovation, Global goals and the future of the school

ACS Athens challenges all students to realize their unique potential and to thrive as responsible global citizens. ”
— Dr.Peggy Pelonis, President, ACS Athens

HALANDRI, ATHENS, GREECE, March 19, 2020 / -- Halandri, March 13, 2020 -- Building on the rich legacy as she worked with the late President of ACS Athens, Stefanos Gialamas, new President Dr. Peggy Pelonis expressed her intention to guide the school into further development and her plans to encourage and provide a platform for innovation, by developing new facilities such as an Artificial Intelligence lab and a Research & Development lab, by expanding the Arts program at the school, by extending the “Dogs in Learning” program - using dogs to work with young students and by incorporating the Global Goals into the citizenship model.

During her recent interview on Ideagen TV, Dr. Pelonis explained how ACS Athens is a student-centered international school embracing the American educational philosophy, principles and values: “ACS Athens challenges all students to realize their unique potential and to thrive as responsible global citizens. The school takes pride in its K-12 faculty who are capable of producing new knowledge which can only enhance the dialogue between K-12 and Higher Education institutions.”
“Effective leadership is important in every situation but perhaps is more complex in an international school where one must manage groups of people coming from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures.” Dr. Pelonis stressed the benefits of “instilling in young people a love for learning as well as a mindset of community involvement,” as she believes that “every choice you make can either contribute to a better world or further damage the planet and the relationship among people.” She also emphasized how important it is for young people to be involved in community affairs early in their lives and become problem-solvers rather than contribute to the problem.

According to the President of ACS Athens: “A collaborative mindset is in the core philosophy of ACS Athens. Now, more than ever, it is important to be able to connect, communicate and collaborate across the globe. Global issues are no longer far away; they are affecting us and close to home every day. We must be able to work together to problem-solve and innovate. Collaboration and working together is the key, which is why at ACS Athens we infuse our community with real-life concerns, and opportunities to become creative problem-solvers.”

Young people today are compelled, now more than ever, to find purpose in their lives. Dr. Pelonis emphasized that “facilitating their quest to discover the ‘Why’ or their purpose is very important and I believe this comes primarily through Social Interest.”

Dr. Peggy Pelonis, was live on Linkedin on February 24, 2020, for an exclusive interview with George Sifakis, Ideagen Chairman & CEO, hosted on Ideagen TV. The President of ACS Athens holds a Doctorate degree in Education from the University of Bath, UK, an M.Sc. degree in Counseling and School Psychology from California State University, Fullerton and an Executive M.B.A. from the University of Indianapolis. More on Education and Global Goals from Dr. Pelonis and renowned educators at the annual IDEAGEN Global Goals EU Summit in Athens, Greece, July 22, 2020.

For more information please contact ACS Athens – Konstantinos Kouvopoulos, Assistant Director of Communications – Tel: +30 210 6070419 

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