Florida Primary: Largest Digital US Flag & Vote Image Fly Above Paramount Miami Worldcenter: Vivid Reminder Polls Open

Paramount Miami Worldcenter Flies Stars & Stripes for Florida Primary

Florida Primary Stars, Stripes & Vote Animation Display on 700-foot, $600-Million Paramount Miami Worldcenter Skyscraper | Vivid Reminder Election Day Not Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Paramount Miami Worldcenter VOTE FLA for Primary

Paramount Miami Worldcenter Digital L.E.D. Vertical Stream Encouraging Voters in Florida to Go to the Polls on Primary Election Day

Paramount Miami Worldcenter Flies Stars & Stripes for FLA Primary

Paramount Miami Worldcenter Glowing in Stars & Stripes Seen From Biscayne Bay for Florida Primary

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We’re definitely voting. They voted during the Civil War. We’re going to vote in Florida.”
— FL Gov. Ron DeSantis on Corona Virus Pandemic Impact on Election Day

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, March 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- America’s largest electronic U.S. flag and an enormous digital “VOTE” image are flying high over Miami today -- a vivid reminder that despite the Corona Virus pandemic Florida’s primary elections have not been cancelled.

The massive stars and stripes illumination display appears on the new 700-foot tall, 60-story, $600-million Paramount Miami Worldcenter. It is the world’s most heavily-amenitized futuristic luxury residential skyscraper, which features the world’s most technologically-advanced light emitting diode (LED) animation system and America’s first Jetsons-Style flying cars SkyPort.

At the top of the Paramount Miami super structure appears a 150-foot tall by 300-foot wide field of fluttering five-pointed stars and a 693-foot vertical stream of red and white stripes and the words, “VOTE FLA,” running through the building’s center column.

The “VOTE” lapel button-style image, seen on the crown of the tower, is 70-feet high by 70-feet wide.

The city’s leaders and the project’s developers say the patriotic presentation is intended to encourage the state’s estimated 10-million* eligible voters to cast their ballots and exercise their constitutional freedoms in the face of a national crisis.

Paramount CEO-Developer Daniel Kodsi (Cod-See) says, “The custom-designed tower lighting is intended as a public service message.”

USA’s Largest Construction Project / Thousands of Watts / Thousands of Lights

Paramount is the sixth-tallest building south of New York City and is the soaring signature skyscraper of the 27-acre, $4 billion Miami Worldcenter. It is currently America’s biggest active urban core construction project and the nation’s second-largest real estate development. Miami Worldcenter is the city’s new mega retail, residential, hospitality, entertainment and transportation complex.

“Paramount Miami Worldcenter’s 15,000 watts, $3-million, one-of-a-kind Color Kinetics system features 14,300 light emitting diodes (LED) that can create a combination of 16.2 million colors,” explains Kodsi. The diodes are individually embedded in more than 10,000 panes of high-impact glass. It took three years to design the lighting system and took a team of 12 specialized technicians 10 months of high altitude work to complete the precision installation process, according to Kodsi.

Jetsons-Style Flying Car SkyPort

Paramount has been generating global headlines since it unveiled plans for the world’s first Jetsons-Style Flying Car Skyport. It is located atop the building’s SkyDeck. The rooftop pool has been designed so it can be modified in the future with an hydraulic floor that will rise; enabling water to seep-down around the edges, creating an oval-shaped take-off and landing pad for flying cars.

Largest Urban Deck

Paramount also features America’s largest urban deck situated atop its seventh-floor garage. The deck is a four-acre oasis of resort-style pools, bungalows, villas, tennis courts and a soccer field over-looking Miami.

About Paramount & Miami Worldcenter

According to Kodsi, 90 percent of the Paramount Miami Worldcenter’s 543 high-rise homes and 26 penthouses have been sold. Ten percent are already occupied. Prices range from $750,000 to $10 million. Paramount Miami Worldcenter broke ground in late 2015.

Miami Worldcenter will be composed of Paramount and 10 other towers, multiple hotels, the new Miami Convention Center, a half-mile long retail and restaurant promenade, and the adjacent Virgin Trains USA high speed rail terminal. Virgin Trains connects Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Rail expansion to Orlando is now underway.

Two structures and the railroad terminal are completed. Two other buildings are currently under construction and another, the Legacy Hotel and Residences, will soon break ground.

Miami Worldcenter is one-acre smaller than New York’s Hudson Yards at 28-acres. It is America’s largest real estate development.

Miami Worldcenter is five-acres larger than Rockefeller Center, at 22-acres, which was built in 1932.

The Worldcenter is located one-block west of the American Airlines Arena.

The entire project is expected to be completed in 2023.

About the Lighting Designer

Paramount Miami Worldcenter’s lighting system was designed and installed by LED Smith, Inc. of Delray Beach, Florida.

CEO Gavin Cooper says during his 25-years in the specialized structural lighting industry, he has created systems for more than 20 globally-recognized projects, including New York City’s Empire State Building and the neon-clad Miami Metro Bridge, which transports the elevated Metro train across the Miami River.

*Voter Stats

There are about 13.6-million registered Florida voters, according to the Florida Department of State. Approximately 3.6-million are listed as not affiliated with the Democratic or Republican parties. Voters not registered with either political party have no vote in primary elections. Historically, on average, voter turnout for primary elections in Florida is about 26-percent of registered citizens, according to Florida’s Division of Elections.


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