Air India should revisit their 72 hour change of flight policy, before departure during Coronavirus.

Direct flight form Delhi to San Francisco best way to fly during Coronavirus.

Air India's direct flight from Delhi to San Francisco. Best way to fly to USA during Coronavirus.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Narendra Modi greeting with Namaste.

World leaders Mr. Donald Trump and Mr. Narendra Modi have learned to greet each with a Namaste.

Heart Transplant Recipient Stanford 1993.

Manmohan Mahal - Heart Transplant Recipient Stanford 1993.

Air India should revisit their 72 hour change of flight policy for high risk passengers flying by Air India. This is a time to show compassion and humility.

Coronavirus has shut down San Francisco Bay Area. Air India's direct flight form Delhi to San Francisco is the best option under these circumstances.”
— Manmohan Mahal
SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2020 / -- Air India has a policy that you must request the change for flights at least 72 hours before the flight departure, even if you are changing your plans to avoid for the fear of Coronavirus. That means you have to request the change six days before departure and the situation with Coronavirus has been so fluid that over thousands of cases have been added over few weeks. India has banned flights from many countries effected by Coronavirus.

Considering my health status and the medical condition, I am a senior citizen and a Heart Transplant Recipient for over 26 years taking immunosuppressants, I wanted to postpone my flight for a week till things get better in San Jose USA. All airlines are offering changes at no cost considering the impact of Coronavirus fears during traveling. Bay Area has been shut down.

Air India customer service took over an hour to get me the flights for March 24, 2020. The customer service personal tried her best to see if I could get the reservation without the penalty of $300.00 for the change plus another $75.00 for the increase in the price of the ticket. Manager on duty was bound by the regulation that I must call 72 hours prior to the flight to avail the waiver of the cancellation fee. He could not even waive the fee upon my humble request to allow me to extend my stay for week. I eventually landed up paying the penalty and the reservation fee. I think employees followed the rules set forth by Air India.

Coronavirus which started in Wuhan China has had a major impact all over the world. Thousands of people have died and over 190,694 have been impacted by the virus. The real time update of the Coronavirus can be seen at the John Hopkins.

I requested Air India customer service to please allow me to change my travel plans by one week as the situation in San Jose California is not stable, there are several cases of confirmed Coronavirus. I was advised to postpone my trip at least for a week hoping that the situation may get better. I requested the flight two days before the flight. I am scheduled to fly on March 17, 2020. I requested that please book me the flight for March 24, 2020.

"California Gov. Gavin Newsom calls for home isolation for all seniors, bars closed, restaurants to limit capacity". The whole world is taking this very seriously. It's matter of life and death for passengers who are at high risk, in the time of Epidemic crises, the rules have to be relaxed and the employees given more authority to make decisions to waive $300 penalty or a fee.

While many airlines are offering free change of flights and Cathy Pacific is offering free, unlimited flight changes for all bookings during the Coronavirus outbreak.

I have a new heart and I am thankful to the Donor’s family for the gift of Life. I received a Heart Transplant at Stanford Hospital in California on June 26, 1993. I have always been told by Dr. Sunil Shroff founder of Mohan Foundation (Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network) that I could be the longest Heart Transplant survivor as an Indian with over 26 years with the first heart transplant. The credit goes Dr, Sharon Hunt at Heart Transplant Clinic at Stanford for post transplant care.

I am proud of the fact the Coronavirus has taught the world leader how to greet each other with Namaste. U.S President Mr. Donald Trump and our India’s Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi are greeting each other with a Namaste.

We should do all try to prevent anyone from getting the Coronavirus. Let’s use the simple precautions recommended by the medical community like wash your hands often, sneeze in the elbow and avoid large crowds till the spread of Coronavirus is under control.

I strongly request Air India to revisit the current policy and let people change their flight if they call even 24 hours prior to the departure of the flight if there is a concern of Coronavirus to or from the passengers.

I hope Air India will allow the other passengers who need assistance for traveling during the Coronavirus. They should waive any penalty for the change of flights on the Air India flights just as the rest of the airlines are doing.

I have come to India after following Mr. Narendra Modi in San Jose California for Startup in India, invest in India, and finally Make in India. I have launched a company to build the most Energy Efficient Homes with 100% renewable energy with latest construction technology from Germany to build Passive Homes.

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Wishing everyone a safe flight on Air India.

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