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GTA gene chain officially launched Coineal exchange

GTA gene chain officially launched Coineal exchange

SINGAPORE, May 15, 2020 / -- At 11:15 on May 15, 2020, Singapore time, the world's first gene data storage blockchain project-GTA Gene Chain was launched, GTA logged on Coineal Exchange, trading pair: GTA / USDT. On the first day of listing, GTA showed a record high rise. The opening price is 0.0142USDT, the highest offer 0.3182USDT, the highest increase 2140.85%, Achieve 20x Growth。Total GTA issuance: 3,000,000,000; total circulation: 20,000,000. GTA has showed to the world its strength with outstanding achievements. GTA has spurred the trillion-dollar gold mine's future prospects and is the gospel of all participants. GTA will become the main theme of the blockchain + era.

GTA gene chain

Relying on the world's advanced whole genome sequencing technology and the most secure and distributed encrypted storage technology, GTA uses the unique blockchain incentive mechanism to create the world's first gene data core with whole genome phenotypic data, sequencing, storage and application The mine will quickly gather individual users, gene sequencing companies, medical, pharmaceutical, scientific research and other data application institutions on the same platform.

Trend determines value

The skyrocketing on the first day of the launch is related to GTA's unique business model, and it is also related to the current trend of blockchain + model. Affected by the new type of pneumonia in 2020, the application capabilities of blockchain technology in various fields are prominent, and it is foreseeable that a large number of blockchain application projects will land this year. The emergence of GTA gene chain brings together the three important trends of current economic development. Blockchain technology, big health industry, artificial intelligence, opened the precedent of "blockchain + gene technology", and created Blockchain 3.0 (blockchain +) New era.

The market size of the gene sequencing industry has increased from US $ 3.5 billion in 2012 to US $ 13.2 billion in 2018, with a compound growth rate of 20%. The overall industry will increase annually at a rate of about 18% in the next five years. The rapid development of the gene sequencing industry will promote the rise of the gene data storage and application industry, and will fully promote the overall explosion of the entire industry of gene technology.

Business model determines value

The GTA gene chain is a genetic data storage project built on the basis of blockchain, cryptography, trusted computing, distributed cloud storage and other technologies due to the lack of human genome data. Based on the blockchain technology and the token economic model, a closed business ecosystem with genetic data storage and application as the core business has been created. GTA gathers the five ecological roles of super nodes, storage users, data centers, business users, and alliance members on the same platform, and forms a business ecosystem with mutual needs. On the GTA platform, each ecological role will have valuable contributions and Enjoying their respective rights and interests is also an important reason why the GTA platform can reach a strong consensus.

Compared with traditional blockchain projects, the GTA gene chain has achieved innovation in the mining mode, without the need to purchase mining machines and without interaction, only need to store the whole genome sequencing data in the big data center designated by GTA to participate Mining and get bonus rewards. For the entire blockchain industry, when the GTA gene chain was not officially launched, it already relied on the three-stage GTA airdrop event that began during the 2020 New Year period to attract a large number of fans to participate, and some people are in-depth understanding After the project, a high degree of consensus has been reached with GTA.

The GTA gene chain will lead a massive genetic technology change on a global scale with advanced blockchain technology, innovative business models, and unique incentive mechanisms. This will be the first time in human history that genetic data storage and Large-scale group collaboration that drives the development of gene technology will inevitably lead to a revolution in the field of blockchain + gene technology.

Circulation determines value

Application promotes circulation, and circulation generates value. The creation of the Blockchain 3.0 era allows us to see the commercial value generated by the blockchain technology efficiently empowering the physical industry. Many people have a misunderstanding about the blockchain, thinking that the blockchain is to issue coins, but the fact is that the essential value of the blockchain is not in certificate deposit and coin issuance, but in relying on the blockchain technology and its security features to empower The real economy, in turn, accelerates and improves value presentation through the application of high-speed circulation.

Business closed loop

In the future, GTA DAPP will open a mall function to provide alliance members with a place to publish and trade health-related products. Many products and services around life and health will be online. When users purchase products and services online and offline, they need to use 30% Cash + 70% GTA payment fee, refer to the secondary market GTA price as the exchange price during settlement.

With the continuous development and growth of the GTA token body, more ecological roles will participate in the GTA project through mortgage tokens. For example, storage users need to mortgage a certain number of tokens to obtain storage dividends and application dividend rights. , Alliance members need mortgage tokens to obtain system operation rights.

Circulation in the secondary trading market

When the influence of the GTA brand continues to increase and the foundation of a huge value consensus is laid, it will attract a large number of GTA enthusiasts to freely trade in the secondary market, and will also cause the currency price to continue to rise.

As the pioneer of the blockchain 3.0 era, the GTA gene chain has achieved subversive innovation. We carry the mission of benefiting human health and shoulder the important task of rewriting the future of genetic technology. Such a large social consensus will inevitably increase the demand for GTA in the trading market, thereby promoting the value of GTA.

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