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All Out Roofing Partners With Oklahoma University For Engineering Capstone Project


All Out Roofing

All Out Roofing to partner with Oklahoma University for 2020 graduating class engineering project for the Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering Department.

This partnership will position All Out Roofing to be the first roofing company with an answer for a complex roof ventilation problem that has existed for decades. ”
— Jonathan Giuliano
NORMAN , OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, March 11, 2020 / -- What is happening?

All Out Roofing is partnering with the University of Oklahoma Norman OK, by sponsoring a Capstone (senior design) Project for the Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering Department’s 2020 graduating class. This partnership is meant to drive innovation in the industry in hopes of solving a practical problem.

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

According to multiple industry sources, a significant number of residential roofs are inadequately ventilated. Poor ventilation can cause premature aging of the roof, moisture issues (often leads to mold growth in the attic space), and decreased home energy efficiencies. While industry standards for ventilation design are in place, they usually only consist of rules of thumb and are rarely practiced. While ventilation system design for the simple roof is straight forward, no standards exist that can design appropriate ventilation systems for complex roof structures. As a result, these complex roof structures are doomed to substandard ventilation systems.

How are we solving this?

The scope of the project with the University will be to develop a process by which engineering ventilation solutions can be performed that are accurate, time-efficient, and cost-effective. To achieve this goal, the team will be identifying a solution to quickly model any structure with a 3D surface model so that Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software can be utilized to model air temperature and airflow throughout the attic space. This will allow for a series of design iterations to maximize airflow and decrease the differential temperature from outside to inside the attic space.

Why the University?

There are two main reasons for All Out Roofing to partner with the University of Oklahoma on a joint project of this nature. First, the University has broad access to experts in a wide range of fields from residential home efficiency, to fluid dynamics. Additionally, the University has access to, and knowledge of several software suites that would be necessary to create a solution in a time-effective manner. Secondly, this project allows us to give back to the education community by providing a practical problem for a team of students to tackle. A problem that could have a significant impact on how we design residential roof ventilation systems.

About All Out Roofing

Jonathan Giuliano and Joshua Williams have been in construction much of their adult lives. Getting started in home remodeling and real estate as an Oklahoma City roofing contractor, they have almost three decades in home construction knowledge. Jonathan and Joshua have remodeled homes in the Norman, Oklahoma City, Shawnee and Moore Oklahoma areas. Using that knowledge and experience Jon and Josh decided to open All Out Roofing and concentrate on the Oklahoma City, Norman and Shawnee cities in Oklahoma. Over 50% of All Out Roofing clients are insurance-related wind or hail damage roof replacements and SSA is critical in storing our client's roofing information forever in case you sell your home or just can’t remember five years later what color the shingle is in case of another project related to your roofing job.

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