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March 4th is National Son's Day

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March 4th is National Son’s Day

Although called Men’s Health Network (MHN), our organization is dedicated to the health and well-being of all males – boys included. So, on March 4 – National Son’s Day –
Men’s Health Network honors the wide variety of ‘sons’ around the world, both young and old, and those that raise them.

Raising boys and young men to take an active role in their own health care is vital to promoting their long-term well-being – both physical and mental. Thus, Son’s Day is about preparing the future generation for healthier lifestyle routines. It is true that establishing good health habits early in life is critical to ensuring better health overall. In addition, these health habits are not just about brushing teeth, exercising and eating right. It is also about getting into the habit of regular check-ups and recognizing the benefits of health screenings.

Caregivers have a huge role to play in promoting healthy results when it comes to our sons. Educating the caregivers of our sons – parents, grandparents and others - as to the importance of establishing these healthy habits early is critical to successfully raising healthy men. Unfortunately, many boys in our culture are raised with the idea that ‘real men don’t cry’ or show emotion or pain. This misguided notion is not only outdated, but it is potentially harmful to men both physically and mentally. Indeed, men’s mental health is one of the biggest issues facing our male population today. In 2017, the suicide rate for men was 3.5 times higher than that of women. Although the suicide rate is highest among middle-aged white men, who accounted for almost 70% of all suicides in 2017, it is also a huge problem among young men. Suicide is among the leading causes of death in the United States – tenth leading cause of death among all Americans - but among teens it is the second leading cause of death. And, young men make up the majority of those early suicide deaths.

The good news is that, as a nation, awareness is growing as to the need for improvements in boy’s and men’s health. Health fairs dedicated to such improvements are starting to take hold and are making a real difference in the overall health of men and boys nationwide. The All Men’s Health Fair in Michigan on June 6, 2020 is such an initiative that encourages preventative care providing numerous free health screenings and tests for cholesterol and blood pressure. Such services are imperative to reducing the dismal statistics when it comes to men’s health. Men, on average, live five years less than women live and die more frequently from nine of the top ten causes of death. Health Fairs such as the All Men’s Health Fair with its free screening, important healthcare information and networking can make real and positive changes in those statistics and improve the health of all males.

The best way to honor National Son’s Day is to encourage all the men in our country – both young and old – to take steps on March 4th toward promoting better health. Those steps may be as simple as picking up the phone to make an appointment for a yearly physical, scheduling that important health screening, or visiting a health fairs such as the All Men’s Health Fair. However, you choose to celebrate, make National Son’s Day count in 2020 by taking action to improve the well-being of all sons. You never know, it might just save a life.

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