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ETBOND Technology: Complementary Covid-19 Vaccine for Targeted Therapy, Prevention and Prophylaxis

Targeted Therapy of Covid-19 (1. Vaccine; 2. Prophylaxis; 3. Therapy of Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome (ARDS)

BROOKLYN, NY, USA, March 1, 2020 / -- Endocrine Technology, LLC is New York based Biotechnology detailed at
Mission Objective: We want to be Bond..deploying ETBOND Technology (Registered trade name) to save Lives Globally. We work only with like minded collaborators who are leaders and active partners in social, political and in life science industries wishing to advance expediently without conventional bureaucracies.
We have Patented Technology to Modulate Earliest, Most Ancient human defense system that is medically known as Alternate Complement System or Fluid protease system.
This technology is most relevant to present and evolving scenario of pandemic of Covid-19 to target Covid-19 induced interactions on host cells and its immune system.

Most particular applications of our technology advances are

1. Immune Therapy of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) to inhibit inflammatory complement and cytokine responses in Covid-19 patient.
Technology Readiness:
a. Formulation: Oral Medicine: Preclinical with Human Safety Record. Can be advanced readily with current and evolving antiviral drugs to inhibit inflammatory responses
in ARDS to prevent mutation and resistance.

b. Intravenous formulation: Formulation work and safety studies are required

2. Complementary Vaccine: Targets immune evasion mechanism of Covid-19 (Host immune System Stimulation a. inhibit Immune regulatory molecule and b. Activate dormant antibodies to induce cytotoxic immune responses)
Therapeutic Applications:
a. Can be combined with any evolving vaccines for Novel Vaccine conjugate to target immune evasion mechanism to make vaccine more efficient.
b. Novel Immune therapy: Targeting Early flu patients and Asymptomatic carriers and their contacts who carry Covid-19 viruses that are resistant to complement induced cytotoxic immune responses
Technology Readiness:
a. Formulation: Oral Can be advanced readily to phase 1 clinical trial
b. Formulation: Nasal: in saline bottle. Formulation, manufacturing and human safety work required prior to phase 1 studies.

Additional Information: Please peruse for drug draft/ slide atlas for enveloped virus (For Dengue Application). The same drug is modified for Covid-19.

Our Objectives: We want collaborative partners who allow us to be leader in directing our technology advances in designing clinical trial, lab work and monitoring responses.
Technology Highlights: In keeping with "Recent Advances in Genomics and Fundamentals of Immunology."
Data: a. Third party literature emphasizing the importance of Factor H in immune piracy of enveloped viruses and the need to target them.
b. Proof of concept data modulation of Alternate Complement System (Factor H and its adverse effects exa. Factor D)
Human Safety: Extensive third party data (Off label applications of Established drug and its formulations.
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Endocrine Technology, LLC
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