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Frank Roach of Atlanta Advises Patients to Consider Dental Implants Over Dentures

ATLANTA, GA, USA, February 18, 2020 / -- Renowned dentist Frank Roach of Atlanta stocks his offices with state-of-the-art equipment and expert staff, giving patients a selection of top procedures to choose from to meet their needs. Often, he advises his patients to look to dental implants in the case of missing teeth instead of relying on dentures.

Dental patients today have a range of solutions for missing or failing teeth with advanced options that are much more durable and effective than the products from even a decade ago. Frank Roach of Atlanta champions dental implant options like the All-on-Four procedure as the most effective solutions.

“Dental implants have many benefits over traditional dentures, but plenty of patients avoid the procedure for fear of its invasiveness,” says Frank Roach of Atlanta.

Failing or missing teeth is a tremendous problem for patients as it impacts everything from talking and eating to lack of comfort. Thankfully, there are plenty of professional fixes depending on the severity of each case and on patients’ personal preferences.

Frank Roach of Atlanta tells us that dentures have long been the preferred fix for missing teeth, which are removable appliances that fit over patients’ gums. Each appliance is custom made to match patients’ mouths, and adhesive fixings help them to stay in place while in use. Dentures are typically made of plastic plates that anchor down false teeth intended to replace any gaps and missing teeth, helping improve jaw muscle function in the process.

They differ in two distinct ways: partial dentures only cover a portion of the gums and are held in place by clasps anchored onto nearby natural teeth. Full dentures sit over the entire gum line and replace all the teeth along the jaw. Both types of dentures require a special cleaning process once removed from the mouth and will likely have to be replaced every decade or so. Occasionally, patients will also have to bring their dentures in to professionals like Frank Roach of Atlanta to get routine adjustments.

Alternatively, dental implants provide a more permanent solution for missing teeth, since the appliance isn’t removable. During the procedure, dental surgeons implant a sturdy rod into patients’ jaws to act as the root of missing teeth. This helps prevent deterioration in the jawbone as well as bone loss, and allows false teeth to be fixed into the mouth.

The natural looking and feeling results function as normal teeth would without needing to be taken out or specially cleaned. Patients simply brush their teeth and floss regularly to prevent plaque buildup and to remove food from the implants. Dental implants are slightly more expensive than dentures, but they last much longer and are more comfortable and effective in the long run.

“Newer dental implant procedures don’t require as many anchors as they did in the past, meaning patients don’t have to undergo much discomfort during the process,” says Frank Roach of Atlanta. “And afterwards, they receive a new set of permanent teeth that look and function the same as their own.”

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