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Eugene Farrell, former Republican candidate for the 17th Congressional District Ill., endorses Bill Fawell for Congress

Former candidate Eugene Farrell calls Esther King an opportunistic and ambitious politician from Chicago, fallen in with most corrupt elements in our party.

Fawell is from the district and is dedicated to representing the people.”
— Eugene Farrell
ROSEVILLE, ILLINOIS, USA, February 12, 2020 / -- “Having stepped away from this race, I am compelled in the best interest of the 17th District to fully endorse Bill Fawell for Congress,” Farrell began.

“Over the past few months I have watched and dealt with both Bill and Ms King,” Farrell continued. “It is clear to me that not only is Fawell absolutely prepared to serve in Congress, by the same token, Ms. King is not.”

“Further,” Eugene pointed, “Fawell is from the district and is dedicated to representing the people. Conversely, Ms. King moved here from Chicago only this summer with the intention of not only running for Congress, but at the behest and support of the same corrupt individuals who ran Mark Kleine out of the race 2 years ago, and she has pledged her fidelity to them and not the people. I have a problem with that because as we all know, those who run for office should be sworned to protect the individual and steer clear of corrupt organizations. Miss King, or “EJK”is being directly financed by them!”

The 17th Congressional District covers 6,933 square miles representing an estimated 750,000 Americans stretching from Wisconsin in the north, extending south to Fulton county, and roughly from Peoria/Rockford in the east thence pushing west to the Mississippi.

“I believe Ms King is an opportunistic and overly ambitious politician,” Farrell concluded. “It is clear to me she has fallen in with the most corrupt elements in our Party here in Illinois, and their corruption has started to rub off on her. As a battle tested and wounded veteran who has served his country I find this totally unacceptable and am compelled by my conscience to speak out.”

“I endorse Bill Fawell for Congress and encourage all honest Republicans to do the same.”

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