The 1st International Hydrogen Aviation Conference (IHAC 2020), Glasgow, Scotland

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, February 24, 2020 / -- The 1st International Hydrogen Aviation Conference (IHAC 2020) will be held at Glasgow, Scotland on Thursday, 3rd September 2020.

This year Glasgow will host the UN Climate Change Summit, COP26, where up to 30,000 delegates are expected to attend the event in order to produce an international response to the climate emergency. Hy-Hybrid Energy is closely following the regional progress and focusing on the key sectors which need utmost attention for decarbonization. Due to recent attention in carbon neutral aviation, it was realised that the time has come to gather industry experts and discuss the key developments in this sector. The latest report on "Reducing emissions in Scotland-2019, Progress Report to the Scottish Parliament" suggests that the number of passengers on international flights from main Scottish airports has increased by ~ 49% since 2007. Aviation emissions have been increased ~6% in 2017 and are now ~56% higher than 1990 levels. This has largely been due to an increase in emissions from international flights, which are now ~81% greater than in 1990. Therefore, it makes sense to strengthen efforts in decarbonizing aviation sector.

The role of hydrogen in decarbonizing road, rail, shipping, aviation, industrial and household applications is now widely accepted. The first International Hydrogen Aviation Conference (IHAC 2020) will focus on the use of hydrogen in aviation, the associated benefits, and emerging challenges. The IHAC 2020 is the first event to be hosted in Glasgow, Scotland. The event is an opportunity to connect with experts in the industry and an open invitation to all stakeholders to participate in the next wave of hydrogen in aviation.

The conference will cover the emerging developments in any of the following hydrogen powered applications:

• Air taxis
• Commercial airplanes
• Private planes
• Helicopters
• Blimps
• Gliders
• Zeppelins
• Hot air balloons
• Space shuttles
• Rockets

Full information about the event can be found here.

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