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Measuring and Managing F&I Results Based on Clear F&I Performance Metrics - From Compliance Through Profit

The best and maybe the only way to really understand F&I performance”
— Myril Shaw
ATHENS, GA, USA, February 11, 2020 / -- Dealer Profit Services has now released the ultimate F&I performance measurement and management tool based on a long-revered Competence scale. Using this tool dealerships can evaluate their F&I performance and then, based on regular, recurring measurements, manage and make needed F&I team and process adjustments to ensure continual improvement.

"All too often dealerships accept the performance of their F&I teams simply because they have no good way to measure that performance," says Myril Shaw, Chief Operating Officer of Dealer Profit Services. "The reality is that there are fantastic tools available the allow for the continual measurement and performance of F&I teams and to provide specific guidance as to where performance improvement is needed. We are excited to provide just such a tool."

The "Competence Scale Measure For Marine and RV F&I" provides a tool that dealerships can use to measure their current performance and then repeat that measurement on a regular basis to view improvement based on adjustments. This tool reveals the success metrics that dealerships should be looking for in their F&I departments.

Rusty Walker, Director of Dealer Business Manager for Dealer Profit Services says, "Settling is easy and I have seen far too many stores settle for the performance of their F&I team. In most cases, that is because they simply don't know what or how to measure. Today, we have removed that impediment."

The tool being released today, the "Competence Scale Measure For Marine and RV F&I" provides completely objective measures which can be repeated in regular intervals to afford the management of continual improvement in F&I performance.

This "Competence Scale Measure For Marine and RV F&I" can be found online at The Dealer Profit Services Blog Page offers information with more detail and a complete White Paper.

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